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“We appreciate how bloggers take our information and product and put their own spin and perspective to it.”

Delicates are all about indulgence. From their beautiful fabrics, patterns and laces to their shaping wires and wings, these little beauties require thoughtful care and a perfect lingerie wash for upkeep! Lingerie wash brand, Eucalan, has always been a favorite among lingerie lovers for its simple ‘no-rinse’ formula but often finds those new to the world of intimates are unsure of the proper way to wash their delicates and what brands work best. In this day and age of social media, Jennifer Edgar, CEO of Eucalan, understands the importance of working with bloggers to raise brand awareness. She explains, “We appreciate how bloggers take our information and product and put their own spin and perspective to it. Their product recommendations are often a key factor in the purchasing decision for their readers, and each influencer has their own unique audience that we may not otherwise reach through our own social media marketing efforts.”

When Eucalan met blogger, Wen of Comics Girls Need Bras, at Curve New York, the delicates wash brand quickly sent their gift pack of scents to her for Review. Wen found her favorite scent with the Wrapture fragrance. The Canadian blogger explains, “…the Jasmin scent is my favorite. It is floral but elegant and every time I smell it, it definitely makes me in the mood for tea and zen time with myself.” The intimates blogger even goes into explaining how the ingredients of this non-toxic and neutral pH wash work (did we mention Wen is a Molecular Biology major?). To see more about Comics Girls Need Bras experience with the fan-favorite lingerie wash brand, be sure to read her review on Eucalan, up now!

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