Eucalan Shares How You Can Donate Used Lingerie

Maybe you’ve just given your lingerie drawers the Marie Kondo treatment. Perhaps you’re doing a seasonal refresh-and-replace of your everyday underwear. In either case, you’re likely to be left with a pile of gently used but no longer loved lingerie. Can you give these items a worthy second life and avoid sending them to a landfill? Yes, you can!

For some incentive on the best way to do so, we turned to our friends at Eucalan Delicate Wash. They know a thing or two about taking care of your lingerie and have some good advice on what to do with your gently used items.

In 2015, a community coordinator at Why Not Youth Centre in Brantford, ON, conceived the Bragust campaign as a way to fill the need for undergarments for young women who were homeless or at risk. Nearly 2,000 bras were collected during the month of August that year and
redistributed to women in need.

Why not declare your own Bragust campaign? Gather your friends for a Bragust party and ask them to bring new or gently used bras. If you don’t have a local women’s shelter, the organizations below will gladly accept your donation and put those unloved bras to good use. Pack up those bras, and mail them off. You’ll feel good about sharing your abundance, and you’ll enjoy a little extra space in your lingerie drawer.

Free The Girls

Free The Girls collects donations of gently used and new bras, then distributes them to women who have been victims of human trafficking around the world. These bras are sold by the women, providing income to support their families, educate their children, and create the foundation for a new life of dignity and self-determination. Donations are accepted by mail, or you can drop them off at locations throughout the US and Canada, including Hanes Outlet locations.

I Support The Girls

I Support The Girls distributes bras and menstrual products to women experiencing homelessness, those in domestic violence shelters, survivors of natural disasters, and others through a network of partner agencies. For women who may have no more than the clothes on
their backs, these essential items help provide the confidence they need to begin rebuilding their lives. Donate by mail, or check the website for drop-off locations.

Donate Your Bra For a Cause

Donate Your Bra For a Cause collects slips, camisoles, nightgowns, and swimsuits, in addition to bras, and distributes them to women’s shelters. Shelters report that undergarments are often needed, rarely donated, and expensive to purchase. These donations allow them to provide women in crisis with clothing which supports their transition to a more stable life. Donations are accepted by mail; see the website for instructions.

What Items are Suitable for Donation?

Each organization has its own guidelines, which are detailed on their websites. In general, used panties are not accepted (for obvious reasons). Bra and other items should be in good, wearable condition, free of stains and tears. Rule of thumb: If you wouldn’t lend it to a friend, you probably shouldn’t donate it.

Of course, you’ll want to clean your lingerie before sending it, either for donation or recycling. Use Eucalan Delicate Wash to make sure your garments are in the best possible condition before you pack them up and send them off.

What About Recycling?

Panties and other items not suitable for donation can be recycled. Hanky Panky is leading the way with its Lingeriecycle initiative. With each order, Hanky Panky includes an envelope for their customer’s use in sending used lingerie for recycling. Metal components are extracted and sent to a metal recycler, while fabric components are finely shredded and turned into carpet padding. Don’t let unloved lingerie languish in the back of your drawers. Choose the organization that resonates with your values and let your gently worn bras provide support for women in need.

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