Eucalan to Release New Scent with Designer Kristin Omdahl

Eucalan Kristin Omdahl, creator of Wrapture

Eucalan Kristin Omdahl, creator of Wrapture

Eucalan Delicate Wash has teamed up with television personality and knit & crochet designer Kristin Omdahl to create Wrapture, a sensual new fragrance in the Eucalan family of products.

Inspired by the romantic scent of Jasmine, Wrapture is the newest formulation with essential oils. The highly concentrated yet mild and eco-friendly formula is free of bleach and phosphates.

“When I was approached by Eucalan to create my own scent, I was thrilled” says Kristin Omdahl, creator of Wrapture, “I’ve been a Eucalan enthusiast since its inception and really believe in this product. I live in southwest Florida and am surrounded by the intoxicating scent of Jasmine so infusing my own romantic sensibility came easily for me. “

Samples of the new Wrapture Bottles

Samples of the new Wrapture Bottles

Like all Eucalan products, Wrapture is best for lingerie, hosiery, loungewear and swimwear and is especially useful in helping to preserve the original tension on elastic products.

Using Wrapture preserves the life of specialty materials such as Lycra and nylon, silk, satin, cotton, organza, lace, cashmere, jersey knits and embellished items.

“I’ve been a Eucalan enthusiast since its inception and really believe in this product.” – Kristin Omdahl, creator of Wrapture

Eucalan is ideal for hand washing in a basin or for top and front loading washing machines. With no rinsing required, consumers save on both water consumption and electricity. Wrapture will be available in the same sizes as the other original Eucalan scents:  16.9 oz and 3.3 oz recyclable bottles as well as the travel ready single use pod.

Kristin Omdahl began her career in the Knitting and Crochet community as a designer and teacher but quickly took the industry by storm as her designs gained in popularity. Kristin’s books and DVD’s are often chart-toppers including “Seamless Crochet” (Interweave, December 2011), “A Knitting Wrapsody” (Interweave, January 2011), and “Crochet So Fine” (Interweave, July 2010). Kristin’s work has appeared in numerous fiberrelated publications and she appears in every episode of Knitting Daily TV on public television as the show’s “Crochet Corner” expert. Her most recent foray into teaching includes, a site focusing on interactive web-based video tutorial series and she recently became the video spokesperson for Red Heart Yarns.

Wrapture will be appearing in stores in the fall of 2012.

Kristin will also be making a special appearance. For complete event listings, please visit Having recently celebrated its’ 20th anniversary, Eucalan Inc is a family owned and operated company. They are credited as the founder of the no-rinse laundry concept and a leader in the delicate wash category in North America. Additionally, every component of the Eucalan product line is manufactured within an hour of the home office, reinforcing Eucalan’s commitment to the environment.

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