Eurotique Launches 2011 GLAM SEQUIN CORSET Collection

Eurotique recently announced the release of their 2011 NEW GLAM SEQUIN CORSETS and VINTAGE CORSET S.

“Each Sequin corset is hand crafted and sewn by experienced seamstress with pride,” said the company.

Eurotique’s new Vintage line is made with 100 percent cotton and has more then 24 pieces of steel boning in each corset.  All Eurotique corsets are classically designed and made of satins, brocades, lace, or premium leather. Moreover, noted the company, all their corsets utilize steel boning and busks, are lined, and come with modesty panels and garters. 

Eurotique offers fullbust, underbust, and cinchers.  

Chrissy Grieco, CEO of Eurotique said, “Eurotique has improved the manufacturing process and built upon our past success with this new line of corsets.  We have improved quality and lowered costs to make our corsets extremely cost effective for more stores to carry.”  

Corsets can be ordered in a large variety of colors and fabrics and are available in sizes from XS to 5X. 

“Eurotique has been specializing in corsets for almost 20 years and has a unique perspective on what customers want as they have had retail operations for that entire time as well as design, manufacturing and wholesale experience,” expalined the company. “Eurotique is known as having high standards regarding producing quality products, great customer service, and reliability.” 

For more information about Eurotique, or to place an order, please contact Chrissy or Peter Grieco at 561-684-2302.  Visit their booth at the International Lingerie Show March 27-29. 2011.

Contact: Chrissy Grieco, CEO Eurotique
Phone:  561-684-2302

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