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Women come in all shapes and sizes, but underwear usually comes in only a few. For me, I’m somewhere between sizes so I have a choice between a too small pair that digs in and causes unsightly panty lines or a pair that’s too big and won’t stay put. My third option is to wear a thong, but even that can be uncomfortable all the time. Needless to say, I’m constantly on the search for a better, more comfortable fit.

Lingerie brand Evelyn & Bobbie claims to be a solution to just that. Their website promises an end to “bunching, riding up and panty lines.”

Evelyn & Bobbie’s knickers come in one size that fits 0 to 14, they are seamless and made from a specially engineered fabric that hugs your curves and moves with your body. Knowing that I jumped at the opportunity to try on a pair. The company currently offers four styles of Knickers: the new Mid-Rise Hipster, a Retro Bikini (now in sizes 0-24), a High-Waisted Thong and a Mid-Rise Girlshort.

High-Waisted Thong

I was sent each style, but the first one I reached for was the High-Waisted Thong. Thongs, unfortunately, have a bad rap for being uncomfortable and I’m guilty of agreeing. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Evelyn & Bobbie’s High-Waisted Thong really is as comfortable as they say. The waistline hits about an inch below my belly button, which I was nervous about at first since I don’t ever wear high waisted underwear styles. But the knickers moved with me. I gave them the squat test and nothing popped out of the back of my jeans.

One thing I found that really makes their thong so comfortable is the extra wide gusset. I measured it and the gusset on the Evelyn & Bobbie thong is ¾ of an inch wider than that of the average thongs I own. All of the pinching and digging that I normally feel in a thong was not an issue at all in Evelyn & Bobbie’s style.

Mid-Rise Hipster

The cut of this style most closely resembles the styles of underwear that I usually wear so I happily slipped into these for a regular day of work and errands. What I got was a much better version of my favorite briefs. I loved the feel of the fabric. It’s a polyamide/elastane blend with a 100 percent cotton liner.

I wore the new Mid-Rise Hipster with leggings and was pleased to find that the knickers stayed in place as I moved around. While all of Evelyn & Bobbie’s styles are seamless and do lie flat, I have a pretty cheeky shape and I did notice they cut in slightly. While this style is also one size, I think it would be better suited for more petite women.

Retro Bikini

Evelyn & Bobbie Knicker Review

If you have a fuller figure or a rounder rear than the Retro Bikini is your best bet. I found this style to have the same fit and feel as the Mid-Rise Hipster, only with a higher waist. These knickers are not shaping garments so they offer no smoothing of the tummy but they do offer a little more coverage, which I liked. Plus, this style is so versatile. I could wear them with leggings or high wasited jeans, but they also felt great under dresses and skirts.

Mid-Rise Girlshort

I was expecting to not like this style at all. Most short-style briefs have the tendency to ride up on me. Once again, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Mid-Rise Girlshort is pretty much a hands-off experience once you pull them up.

I was also wrong in assuming the Mid-Rise Girlshort would only be appropriate to wear under dresses in the summer for a little extra coverage. However, I tried them on with a pair of jeans and they fit under them great. They weren’t bulky, didn’t ride up and were virtually invisible. In fact, I really loved that they offered the most coverage. And while it’s not exactly summer dress weather yet, I’ll certainly be reaching for this pair when the temps heat up.

True Complexion Color

I love that Evelyn & Bobbie has put so much thought into the color of their knickers. Their website states that, “nude is not one color,” and I could not agree more. We each have our own shade of “nude”, and I love that the company has scientifically developed their color palette using skin tone scans from real women and color matching technology.

This True Complexion palette includes five options in a range of complexion colors including include Shell, Sand, Mica, Clay and Umber.

The knickers are also offered in a Midnight Lace, which is a navy blue and black digitally printed design, and Amethyst was recently added to the collection.

Evelyn & Bobbie Knickers: The Most Forgettable Underwear Ever

After wearing each style of Evelyn & Bobbie’s knickers I can confidently say they are the perfect pair of underwear. Company founder and CEO, Bree McKeen calls them the world’s most forgettable underwear. While you will forget that you are wearing them, on all other accounts they are truly unforgettable. Go get yourself a pair (or four)!

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