Exclusive Q&A with Baci Lingerie’s Robert Rosen

We sat down with Baci Lingerie’s Robert Rosen (RR) to talk about recent news and developments at Baci. We were treated to some exclusive news from Baci and have set up a few links so you can jump to different areas of this interview.

Mono Brand Store Overview

Baci’s Miami Showroom to Open this October

Men’s Line?

New $50 Million Dollar Brand?

Pre Orders of Baci Dreams at upcoming ILS

Baci Collaboration with Cosmetic Industry Professional

How to Carry Baci at your store

TLJ: Robert, the flurry of activity at Baci doesn’t seem to be slowing down and I know there’s lots more in development. So I wanted to take the time to do a Q&A with you to go over not only what Baci has accomplished, but also to see what’s on the horizon for our readers.

I wanted to start talking about Baci’s Mono Brand Stores. For some of our readers who aren’t familiar, could you give us a brief explanation of how the Mono Brand Stores work?

Mono Brand Store Overview

RR: The mono brand stores are an exciting concept Baci Lingerie created in response to the growing popularity and enthusiasm for our products within the industry. Our exclusive brand owners will have a few options when it comes to opening mono brand stores in their region. They can open them up themselves, or entrust the stores to experienced entrepreneurs as they see fit. Our stores will be in only the best locations across the globe, positioned in high traffic areas, on the high street, or in prime locations in malls. For example our mono brand store in Hungary is housed in a prime location in a mall in Budapest. Square footage will vary along with locations. Typically an average store is about 100 m², however we have models that go up to 225 m². In terms of the type of product, this will be up to our individual exclusive brand owners. This means each store will be as unique and interesting as the cultural atmosphere of its respective territory. For example, a mono brand store in the UAE is going to feature different products than a store in Germany. This is another aspect of our mono brand stores that is revolutionary because the products which are available will be tailored specifically for each region or territory. Compared to a brand like H&M where you walk in to the store and the products will be the same in Hong Kong as they are in Australia. The diversity within the stores will keep our customers interested and will drive them into the stores all around the world to see what’s new. All of our collections, with their vast amount of styles, will be available to our brand owners, this includes the White Collection, the Black Label Collection, Eyelash collection, the Dreams by Baci Lingerie costume collection, and all future main and subsequent collections like our shoe line, swimwear, menswear, etc. Stores will have the unique ability to rotate 50 new styles constantly every month which is something that is also revolutionary and unique to our mono brand stores. What each store features and when is completely up to the brand owner . There are no licensing or franchising fees associated with opening a Baci Lingerie mono brand store. We provide all of the gorgeous fixtures necessary for opening the store. This includes all of the beautiful chandeliers, the leather ottomans, and the elegant mirrors, 3D renderings of floor and ceiling plans, counters, wallpaper, etc. We have been able to streamline this process by pre-building sets of 100 stores in our factory in China.

TLJ: The Mono Brand Stores seem to haves made it easier for an entrepreneur to start a lingerie store/boutique almost anywhere in the world. I imagine that some people might think this is too good to be true. Could you talk about some of success some Baci stores have already seen.

RR: To be totally honest most of the inspiration we gathered from other retail chains is what not to do as we want to provide the customer with something different and unique. Baci Lingerie always strives to be innovative and do things differently from those who have come before us. Our concept is completely new and revolutionary, and we made every effort to communicate this through our stores. The design is actually based off of our 2010 ILS booth that garnered so much interest and excitement from fair goers. Our main goal with the design of the mono brand stores was to bring the concept of affordable luxury to life and provide the customer with the feeling of being in a ultra luxurious retail store and yet still be less affordable than the competition. With our design, we will give each customer the atmosphere and service of an exclusive boutique, such as Louis Vuitton or Gucci, without compromising our price point.

“The design of the Baci Lingerie mono brand store is an unexpected combination of old-world luxury, decadence, and elegance mixed with contemporary aesthetics, cool technology, and a few fun architectural details,” Robert Rosen.

The ambiance is decidedly flirty, sexy, fun, and most of all clean modern looking. The design of the Baci Lingerie mono brand store is an unexpected combination of old-world luxury, decadence, and elegance mixed with contemporary aesthetics, cool technology, and a few fun architectural details. The end result is a very clean, modern, not to mention unbelievably beautiful, Baci Lingerie mono brand store.

New $50 Million Brand

Our mono brand stores will be mainly for showcasing our own products. However in the future, Baci Lingerie mono brand stores may feature additional products that we develop under other brand names. I am not at liberty to say disclose any future brands at the moment expect we will be creating a men’s brand that we will present end of 2012. Also, we have invested $50,000,000 Dollars in a total different field to create another brand which we will sell also in mono brand stores. Premiere will be summer 2012.

Our mono brand store in Hungary, which has been open now for two months, has produced some extraordinary numbers so far. For example, 1 out of every 2 customers who enter a Baci Lingerie mono brand store are buying our product. That is a 50% sale rate as opposed to the industry standard of 9%. Another impressive number we’ve seen is 35-40% of our paying customers are men. This is an outstanding improvement over the 3-4% most stores experience.

Here’s a video showcasing the Hungary Store http://www.baci-lingerie.com/retail-revolution

Baci’s Miami Showroom

TLJ: Here stateside, when will the Miami-based Baci store open? Will this be the flagship US store? Any chance you’ll open a store here in NYC?

RR: The estimated opening of the Miami showroom is in October. This will be the flagship showroom for Baci Lingerie US, which is a bit different from a store. We recently confirmed a new US partner that we’re very excited about and we will be releasing in a press release shortly. Our stores will be opened in only the best, high traffic, high street locations, so NYC could definitely be a great opportunity for a Baci Lingerie mono brand store.

TLJ: At the last ILS show, Baci debuted the new lingerie costume collection, “Dreams by Baci Lingerie”. Since the show, how have lingerie retailers reacted to the line? How many retailers picked it up at the show and since then?

RR: Retailers have been ecstatic about the line! Dreams by Baci Lingerie is a great collection as it is designed to be sold 365 days of the year, not just for Halloween. Since the show, retailers and our exclusive brand owners have been clamoring to pick up the fun bedroom costume collection. After this September’s ILS, we will be in post-production of Dreams by Baci Lingerie and will be preparing to ship the line to our interested retailers.

TLJ: Can we expect a new announcement/debut at the upcoming ILS as well?

Baci at ILS

RR: This September at ILS we will be officially selling black label collection and taking preorders for Dreams by Baci Lingerie which will be shipping towards the end of the year.

TLJ: That being said, could you talk to us about any new developments for Baci’s Black/White Label collections?

Baci’s Cosmetic Collaboration

RR: Baci Lingerie has recently hired a professional from the cosmetic and beauty industry to be in charge of our mono brand store development. This person was a top executive in this industry, and has managed renowned international brands such as L’Oreal. That being said, our exclusive international brand owners are in control of the Baci Lingerie brand for their territory. We provide all the necessary tools to our partners for branding, marketing, advertising, and even employee training. This ensures that the Baci Lingerie brand interpretation and direction will be uniform across the globe, and that our philosophy will be a shared one.

New Men’s Line

We are continually improving upon our designs, packaging, and marketing campaigns associated with our two current collections and complementary sub collections. We are currently focused on our upcoming main and sub collection for 2012. Our main collection will be a men’s brand (not under the name Baci Lingerie) and we will create an entire world around that the same like we did for Baci Lingerie. Retailers and consumers alike should be prepared for these upcoming collections, while also seeing improvements to our current collections.

TLJ: For retailers reading this Q&A interested in carrying Baci at their show, where/who should we point them to at Baci?

How to Carry Baci at Your Store

RR: This September’s ILS would be a great place to contact Baci Lingerie and speak one on one with our professional staff. If you are unable to make it to the show, please contact info@baci-lingerie.com. We also have a special section of our website dedicated to potential distributors and retailers. You can visit our website at www.baci-lingerie.com

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