Exquisite Form Posture Bra Review

Exquisite Form Posture Bra Review

As I approach my birthday, the quest for self-wellness overflows my every thought. I noticed it the other day during my bi-weekly mani/pedi, a time that is supposed to be relaxing and entirely detached from my phone and technology. That time was disrupted as coat number two was being applied. Suddenly, I realized how awful my posture was! I was practically slumped over the table, lying down. From that moment on, every 45 seconds or so, I would readjust myself to sit up straight. Evidentially, I had developed a bad habit over the years. It is even worse at the office hunched over a computer typing all day. No wonder why I have back pain at the end of the day.

I took a mental note to research products that helped with posture, pronto. Not even 48 hours later, I was asked to write a review on an Exquisite Form posture bra. Talk about perfect timing! Needless to say, I was extremely excited to see if the company’s products would help any.

Exquisite Form Posture Bra Review

As soon as the package arrived, I felt like a kid in a candy store. I had received three of the brand’s best selling styles — the Front Close Longline Posture Bra with lace (style 5107565), the Front Close Bra with lace (style 5100565) and the Front Close Cotton Posture Bra (style 5100531). The Front Close Longline Posture Bra is the brand’s top performing longline style. I honestly couldn’t wait to try them all on.

All three styles are designed with a crisscross back design that helps roll the shoulders back and also help alleviate some pain that could be due to poor posture or larger bust sizes. The high crisscross back offers the additional benefit of smoothing out any lumps or bumps in the back.

FULLY Front Close Posture Bra with Lace

In addition to white, black and rose beige, the Front Close Bra with lace (style 5100565) comes in walnut and navy.

Before we dive into the products, let me briefly fill you in on the brand itself. Exquisite Form has been around for quite some time, 1945, if we’re getting specific. In 2007, Fruit of the Loom acquired the brand. Today, as part of a joint venture with Fruit of the Loom, BL Intimates handles the distribution of the line. They pride their products on being wire and metal free (yes, you read that correctly), and all the while maintaining a highly supportive and functioning bra. Their Heritage fabric is one of the reasons many of their styles offer such great support. The unique non-stretch, woven fabric offers support and comfort – what more can a girl ask for?

Front Close Longline Posture Bra

Exquisite Form Fully

Every girl who works a desk job should buy this garment, immediately. I want this Exquisite Form Posture Bra in every color for every day of the week. Currently, the bra comes in black, white and beige. It’s a game changer, ladies.

Exquisite Form Posture Bra Review

From the moment I had fastened the last hook (I found it easier to fasten from the bottom up), there was a remarkable change in my sitting position. My shoulders were shifted slightly back, and my spine was sitting straight. It was actually uncomfortable to even attempt to slouch. It’s incredible to see a product with no wiring and metal can make such an impact. This bra creates a slimming look that is comfortable and truly flattering. It also features reinforced front panels and side boning for additional support and shaping around the tummy.

Front Close Cotton Posture Bra

Exquisite Form Posture Bra Review

The Front Close Cotton Posture Bra is considered the number one selling bra throughout the entire company. It’s not hard to see why. The style is made from natural cotton fibers, which will allow your skin to breathe throughout the day. It’s super comfortable, by the end of the day I hardly noticed it was still on. Similar to the longline, this product will also keep your shoulders back in proper position.

Exquisite Form Continues to Grow

The main difference I noticed was that this style does not have the extra support in the tummy that the longline style provided. What it does offer is an easier range of motion for women with limited mobility who can’t reach around to fasten the hook from the back. That is just one of the ways this style makes the mornings run a lot smoother. And although this product isn’t necessarily a mastectomy bra per say, it is a comfortable option for post-surgical women. When I spoke to the company, they shared stories of the many women who have brought this style to a seamstress to insert custom pockets.

Exquisite Form Posture Bra Review

Remember that bad posture can lead to changes in our spines that can cause pain in the surrounding muscles and discs. I find it’s better to catch the bad habit before it turns problematic. These Exquisite Form bras are simple solutions that can help make those long hours at a desk more comfortable. Who can argue against a bra being comfortable and forgiving? Especially, seeing these garments come in three colors (black, white and beige, however, some styles now feature walnut and navy colorways) and retail for under $30? There really is no excuse to not own one.

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