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Exquisite Form Caters to Retail

“When we started meeting with customers they requested we look into new bodies right away. We decided to speed up that process and we are launching two new bodies this fall,” – Stephanie Bronk.

Retailers asked for it and BL Intimates delivered with the launch of Exquisite Form sleepwear this past April. The collection, an existing group of popular styles, was taken over by BL Intimates last year after it was dropped from Vanity Fair’s program.

When rumors began to circulate that Vanity Fair would no longer be carrying a sleepwear line, retailers began to speak up. “It’s been around for many years and it is well known in the industry,” says Stephanie Bronk, corporate account manager for BL Intimates. “It’s a stable program. We made a lot of retailers very happy that this program was not going to disappear.”

Exquiste Form Caters to Retail

Bronk says the sleepwear line is a perfect fit for the Exquisite Form brand. “Our bras have been on the market for over 70 years,” she says. “What better way to complete the program than adding sleepwear, as we found that both programs target the same customer.”

The collection currently includes three bodies—a short gown, which retails between $32-$34; a flutter sleeve gown, which retails for $36; and a short sleeve pajama, which retails between $40-$42. Each style is available in a full range of sizes, including plus.

Dreamy Fabrics

Exquiste Form Caters to Retail

The line is made from a silky and breathable nylon tricot knit fabric. “It’s 100 percent nylon and the fabric is very lightweight and breathable,” says Bronk. “It takes color really well and it’s easy to care for.”

Exquisite Form sleepwear styles also features delicate floral embroidery applique at the neckline. Both gowns hit at the knee—the flutter sleeve style affords a bit more modesty than the sleeveless version. And the short sleeve Pajama set features four self-fabric covered buttons so that it is easy to put on and take off.

From Pink Parfait to Daffodil

Exquisite Form Caters to Retail

Each style comes in an array of vivid colors, and new seasonal colors are added regularly. “It is a very colorful and bright program,” says Bronk. “It is different from the bras, which are available in fewer color-ways. This is very colorful. VF offered a fashion color every few months. This is something we want to continue to do as well because it is a huge part of each retailer’s business.”

Exquisite Form Caters to Retail

Exquisite Form sleepwear introduced two new fashion colors for spring 2018 season—Pink Parfait and Daffodil. Island Teal will be available to order in June. And this fall, Beet Red will be available to order in September and Purple Potion will be available in October.

The sleepwear line was carried in every store that Exquisite Form bras were stocked in, making the transition for retailers a smooth one. “Everything is the same—the style numbers, the sizing, the fit. Even the UPC codes stayed the same so it didn’t interrupt anyone’s system,” says Bronk. “The line costs the same and we offered the same terms to retailers. The only thing that changed was the hangtags on the garment.”

“Buyers were happy about that,” Bronk adds. “The goal was to make sure that everyone was not going to have an interruption of product.”

New Styles Launching this Fall

Exquisite Form Caters to Retail
The transition went so smoothly, that BL Intimates plans to expand the collection sooner than they initially anticipated. “Typically what we would do is get the program up and running and make sure everything is in order,” says Bronk. “Then we’d look into adding a new body. However, when we started meeting with customers they requested we look into new bodies right away. We decided to speed up that process and we are launching two new bodies this fall.”

This fall, Exquisite Form will introduce two new sleepwear silhouettes to the line: a three-quarter sleeve button front knee length robe, and a long sleeve ankle length gown. According to Bronk, the button front robe can be worn alone, or it can be worn as a layering piece over one of the short nightgowns. The ankle length gown is a full coverage piece. It will have the same floral applique neckline and will come in the same tricot fabric.

Exquisite Form Sales Team

Exquisite Form Caters to Retail

Exquisite Form has been working hard to promote this new program across the country. A team of sales reps has been visiting stores and retailers. The reps, according to which area they cover are listed below:

Florida: Joel Wolfson
Texas: David Willingham
New York, New Jersey: Thomas McLaughlin
Mid-West (Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa & Missouri): Jill Wenzel
Puerto Rico: Juan Carlos Rodriguez Negron

To get connected with the rep closest to you contact Stephanie Bronk at SBronk@blintimates.com

Learn more about Exqusite Form Sleepwear

Email: SBronk@blintimates.com
Phone: 1-877-270-2731
Website: www.exquisiteform.com

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