Exquisite Form Vintage Lingerie Ads

“Trusted by real women everywhere to deliver true comfort through innovation, experience and unbridled passion for over 70 years”

If you’re passionate about lingerie, then you’ll enjoy this quick video (see below) of vintage lingerie ads from Exquisite Form’s fascinating 70 year history.

Did you know that the brand was helped launched in 1945 by Lilian Hunau? She later became the company’s Head of Design. By 1946, her special wiring and bust shaping patent shaped Exquisite Form’s bras and customers.

That same year, Exquisite Form was one of the earliest intimates companies to advertise in Ebony Magazine. A few years later, Exquisite Form entered the packaged lingerie market. Until then, only Playtex girdles were packaged.

In 1964, avant-garde American designer, Rudi Gernreich, designs the “No Bra” in collaboration with Exquisite form. “This was a radical departure from the sculpted, bullet-shaped designs of the previous decade.” noted the company.

Following enormous retail success, Gernreich and Exquisite Form follow up the No Bra in 1965 with the “No Side”, “No Front” and “No Back” Bras. In 1970, the “Fully” line was introduced to the world, with the iconic tagline “When You Need A Fuller Bra… Not A Bigger Bra.“

10 years later, the brand unveiled a new logo that we still see today in its latest incarnation. From 1996 until 2007, the company went through a series of acquisitions by Bestform in 1996 and VF Corporation in 1998.

Exquisite Form Multimedia Outreach Today

In 2007, Fruit of the Loom acquired the brand. Seven years later, as part of a joint venture with Fruit of the Loom, BL Intimates took over distribution. Today, Exquisite Form continues its dedication to crafting intimates that help support women around the world. The brand’s messaging and outreach has naturally moved towards new spaces like social media, blogs and online publications.

In a few days, we’ll unveil a new Exquisite Form product review. In the mean time, catch up on our coverage of the brand with our previous features on the Exquisite Form line up and Sleepwear collection.

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