FabFit Academy Registration Reopened

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FabFit Academy reopened registration for its online certification course. Lingerie professionals interested in taking the online bra fitting course can now sign up at: FabFitAcademy.com

The course begins with complimentary videos, and offers essential training for people working in all sectors of intimates, from retailers and manufacturers to bloggers and sales reps. “The best assurance of a profitable return in any Lingerie business is to be consistently trained in the art of bra fitting,” says industry veteran and Lingerie Briefs Publisher Ellen Lewis.  By outsourcing a repetitive and time consuming task, business owners and managers gain free time to focus on growth.

Says one graduate, “There may not be an industry standard when it comes to measuring women for bras, but there should be an industry standard on how the next generation of fitters are taught.  I’ve been a professional bra fitter for years…now I have the certification to back it up!”

The FabFit Academy offers complimentary online training videos in advance of course registration at FabFitAcademy.com.

For more information, contact Natalie at the FabFit Academy:

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