Fabric Trends at Interfilière

Lightening Up while our Bodies don’t have to

It sounds like lingerie designers finally got our message that fun and sexy is what we want. I say this that (along with affordability and a couple extra inches) is what we are about to get at Interfilière’s Salon, an international trade show for intimate fabrics. Starting January 22nd, the Paris based fair will have tens of thousands of lingerie insiders from around the world. The purpose of this three day expo is for them to check out what’s going to be hot for summer 2012 from over 500 collections.

So what are the important fabrics? Light satin, lace and silk. What is the overall look? We will continue to celebrate the recent return of vintage styling.

What makes this news so exciting is how these two seemingly obvious “revelations” fir into the most important upcoming trend in fashion – It’s called a fun and SEXY attitude!

The purpose of this year’s show is to give the world their heart back during these times of economic despair; to return our smiles and make us feel sexy again!

The beautiful, billowy fabrics that will be exhibited plus the nostalgic fashions like high cut briefs, bullet bras and tap pants are certainly set up for seduction and romance. But now it’s for everybody!

With the return of old fashioned style comes, shall we say old fashioned styled bodies? So the models of this year’s show are a bit fuller in the hips and bust than previous years. Over the past several years fashion has been trying to perfect the body but Odile De Changy, a label that will be on display at Salon, is saying why not enjoy the one you’ve got?! Inspired by a more curvaceous look, this collection of beautiful waist cinchers and mixed media bras fit and flatter all body types.

Another note style watchers took is people are no longer going to pay outrageous amounts of money on their clothes when less expensive options are available. Designers heard their customers loud and clear and now there are several new affordable luxury lines that are going to be introduced. The one I’m most interested in seeing is from Triumph International, the world’s biggest lingerie manufacturer. They will be introducing Essence; their affordably priced luxury intimate apparel line.

Finally, although many exhibitors at Salon are going back in time for overall looks, they realize that to completely forget about our future would be a mistake. Be sure to keep your eyes opened for ecofriendly fabrics disguised in hundreds of different ways. And fabrics that are supposed to burn cellulite as you wear it. That’s great news for those of us who enjoy our pink champagne and crème brulee!

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  1. Avatar Mark Evans says:

    This writer is fantastic! I’ve followed her on a few blogs. Quality, as always.

  2. Avatar D.Biddle says:

    Interesting article. Where can i find the Odile De Changy label?

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