MeMoi Fall 2018 Legwear

MeMoi Legwear Rose Garden Anklet

“We hope that our customers will combine basic and fashion styles layering legwear pieces to make their personal fashion statements.” – Serina Modica, VP design and merchandising

As we enter into a colder season, it takes more of an effort to get into our stylish outfits. Heavy coats and thick scarfs are de rigueur. Hosiery and lingerie brand MeMoi, knows that one way to spice up an outfit is to play with legwear. In the end, legs are pretty much the only part of the body that is visible during winter, isn’t it? So, let’s be creative!

Jewelry for the legs

MeMoi Legwear Brushed Jewel Crew
One of the biggest trends the season is embellished socks and knee-high. “‘Jewelry for the legs’ created a splash not only in the U.S. but also in Europe,” says Serina Modica, vice president of design and Merchandising for MeMoi.

Pearls, faux diamonds, marabou or chiffon bow detailing your socks have never been so worthy to be seen. These little numbers can make a simple pair of pumps go from 0 to 100. The nice part is that you can wear them with any type of shoes and they shall do the work, effortlessly.

MeMoi Leggings

“Buyers and customers fell in love with our embellished pieces,” Serina adds. “Tights and socks encrusted with jewels and pearls as well as with the intricate multicolor Jacquard socks.”

The holidays will be there in a heartbeat and shiny things start popping up everywhere. MeMoi’s Rhinestones embellished fishnets are easier to wear that we tend to imagine. With an evening outfit, they look both fancy and fun. With a more casual one, well, it also adds an undeniably glamorous and sexy touch.

Embroidered tights

MeMoi Legwear Dimensional Floral Embroidered Tights
Embroidery has been a big 2018 trend for clothing, lingerie and legwear and it will stay strong in 2019. The MeMoi Glam collection features floral embroidery on black tights, which gives a very feminine touch to monochrome outfits. This styling technique also makes your attire look a little more deliberate and well thought-out. Far from being outdated, embroidery can instantly add elegance and style to your winter outfits. The collection also features beautiful floral lace tights and socks.

MeMoi Legwear Rose Garden Anklet close up

“The most prevalent trend is the “Dark Wonder” which celebrates an extraordinary opulence exploring new fabrications and ornamentation of legwear,” says Serina. “It’s this out of the box thinking gave birth to Embroidered Velour socks, Multicolor Jacquard Floral Tights and Pearl Encrusted Knee Highs. We’ve used the newest technology to craft these pieces and pushed the envelope to achieve the styling perfection.”

Tartan Plaid and Collegiate Cables

MeMoi Legwear Tartan Plaid Sweater Tights
Plaid is another strong trend this season and MeMoi offers a plethora of products that will remind you of your days at school. Think leggings, tights and knee-high in popular plaid prints. “With such strong bold patterns we found it best to stick with basic silhouettes that flatter every size and shape,” adds Serina.

MeMoi Legwear

“Plaid is another strong trend this season and MeMoi offers a plethora of products that will remind you of your days at school.”

Perfect for a glam-rock outfit or for a more festive holiday one, they allow many styling possibilities. It’s an easy balance between fashion and functionality.

Velvet and Corduroy Leggings

MeMoi Crushed Velvet Leggings and Hummingbird Crew sock

“Cozy” is the buzzword of the season,” says Serina. Lower temperatures often call for thicker and more comfortable materials and what could be cozier than velvet. Beautiful burgundy velvet leggings can compliment your neutral sweater dresses and tall boots. Using an autumnal color palette (warm beige, yellow, rich reds) can help add colors to your wardrobe. Nevertheless, it’s hard to go wrong with an all-black look. Black velvet leggings can be very flattering paired with a fitted matching velvet top with a deep neckline and mule heels.

Still, with the velvety feel, Corduroy is very popular this season and MeMoi did a beautiful job designing leggings that can so easily be worn by themselves. As loungewear or outerwear, these pieces will keep you warm and stylish.

MeMoi Plushed Lined Knit Slipper

And as we all want to feel cozy, thick socks and slippers can be just what we need to get out of bed on snowy winter days. They can also be a cute gift to a loved one paired with a scarf and/or gloves. Velvet, knitted or plush. Comfort never goes out of fashion.

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