How To Fall In Love With Lingerie

Gabrielle Lee photographed by Shawn Rochelle Photography

Above: Gabrielle Lee photographed by Shawn Rochelle Photography.

“Only we are aware of what drives us and that’s the beauty of lingerie — we can be ourselves underneath it all.”

by Otaymah Bonds

Otaymah is author of the Glamour Gladiator and CEO of Eternal Women Inc, an Image Consulting company. She can be found trying to find great veggie cheese or at the spa.

Just saying the word lingerie can provoke a vast array of responses. Some see lingerie as pretty underpinnings while others view it as a complex world of oft hidden fashion. Even the definitions of lingerie can be confusing. Merrium-Webster defines lingerie as “women’s intimate apparel” while defines lingerie as “underwear, sleepwear, and other items of intimate apparel worn by women.” Even the definitions themselves are somewhat vague and subjective. What deems something intimate? These days underwear and sleepwear are outerwear, so what do we wear for the public to see and which items do we not display?

Sugar Lily Silk Chiffon Bralette

Above: Sugar Lilly Silk Chiffon Bralette.

As confounding as the definitions and questions aroused by the meanings can be sometimes it’s even more perplexing to come to grips with what lingerie means to you as an individual. Once you have gotten past the general denotation it’s time to actually delve into the baffling world of private apparel. Whew, what a task! It feels like work just grasping the concept of lingerie let alone getting to a store to make purchases and coming to decisions. Let’s sweep past the over complication and begin with the basics of what’s needed.

Begin with an Open Mind

Hanky Panky at CURVENY

Above: Hanky Panky.

Intimate apparel is a sphere that is open to interpretation and the only interpretation that matters is yours! At the end of the day what you put on your body is your choice and it really all depends on how you want to feel. Some days you may want to feel racy so you can put on a red lace bra and garters. On other days you may be feeling conservative so a flesh-tone cotton high-cut brief is the order of the day. It really all depends on you! So stow away other people’s opinions and those lofty definitions and get to know how you see lingerie. Your definition may change by the day or the [intimate] hour.

Discover the Pretty

Creme Bralee Asia Monet Colette Nude

Above: Asia Mone’t modelling Crème Bralée lingerie.

Think back to what initially sparked your interest in lingerie, or your disinterest. Was it seeing you mothers satin teddies laying across her bed before bath time? Maybe lace and frills weren’t your thing and you viewed lingerie as a frivolous but necessary annoyance. Perhaps you felt more exhilaration buying your first sports bra for your soccer championships? Whatever makes you feel special is what you need to adhere to. Some feel better in sexy boy shorts. I myself detest boy shorts and prefer hip-hungers or bikini cut. While song lyrics revere boy shorts and give reference to it all the time does that make me feel like I should rush to the store to buy some? No, it doesn’t. Because I know what makes me feel pretty. That’s what it’s all about.

All of us have our own references and reasons for what we choose to place on our bodies. Only we are aware of what drives us and that’s the beauty of lingerie — we can be ourselves underneath it all.

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