Fantasy Lingerie Styles for Every Body Type

Fantasy Lingerie Styles for Every Body Type

If only finding the perfect lingerie just involved checking the size tag! There’s a little more to it than that and California-based Fantasy Lingerie has styles for every body type. After all, the brand has built a reputation as being fashion-forward and size inclusive through its motto, “Sexy is for EVERY BODY®

The experts at this beloved intimates brand consider not only size when creating their pieces, they also consider three different body types, the starlet, the vixen and the diva. Fantasy Lingerie breaks down what these body types mean and how you can use this information to find your ultimate lingerie look with The Lingerie Journal.

Fantasy Lingerie B296

The Starlet

The Starlet is glamorous and petite and always stealing the scene. You may fit under this chic label if you naturally have narrow shoulders and a smaller bust with thin/longer limbs and a generally thin body frame. Think singer Zendaya or the silver screen’s Keira Knightely. Fantasy Lingerie recommends the Rayna (B296) to compliment the Starlet body type. The wider bra straps flatter the narrow shoulders, the caged bra and underwire enhances the bust and the side tie panty helps add volume to the waist/hip area to enhance and add curves to your thin body frame. Rayna is available in S/M, M/L and L/XL.

Fantasy Lingerie B287

The Vixen

The Vixen is very va-va-voom! Consider yourself a Vixen if you have broad shoulders and a developed chest, medium or larger bones and athletic build. Think Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara or The Sinner’s Jessica Biel. Fantasy Lingerie’s Phoenix (B287), a mesh caged teddy with applique is perfect for the vixen body type. The mesh fabric provides great stretch, while the cage detail accentuates the toned frame along with the applique which highlight the wearer’s sporty frame. Phoenix is available in S/M and M/L.


The Diva

Got curves? You are a Diva body type if you have a wide waist and hips, round build and curvy body frame. Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson and 2 Broke Girls’ Kat Dennings are two gorgeous examples of the Diva body type. The beautiful Celine mesh kimono sleeve bodysuit with necktie (B387) is perfect for this bombshell. With its plunging neckline elongating figure, stretch mesh fabric for an easy fit and the lovely flowy kimono sleeves helping to make the overall body proportionate, this is unforgettable look for a beautiful body. Celine is available in S/M, M/L and L/XL.

Just like jeans are made for different body types, so is great lingerie. The more you know about your body (bra size, body type, etc.) the easier it will be to shop for the styles you love and not spend so much time in the dressing room with disappointing silhouettes. No matter what body type or size you wear, Fantasy Lingerie makes something sexy and unique just for you!

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