Fantasy Lingerie’s Summer Recap

Fantasy Lingerie Hanging Collection SS18 Forget me Not style SB804

Sexy lingerie fans will find of-the-moment trends and styles at Fantasy Lingerie, the brand that proclaims, “Sexy is for Every Body.” As summer winds down, we wanted to take a look back at some of the exciting happenings at Fantasy Lingerie over the last few months.

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Summer Styling Tips Featuring Fantasy's TEASE Collection

Fantasy’s TEASE Collection Summer Styling Tips

Summer is finally getting there and it’s time to lock in the winter wardrobe and start thinking about how we are going to refresh the summer one. It’s been sometime now that lingerie as outerwear became trendy and it’s always nice to see how creative brands and customers can get when it comes to layering options and versatility in their garments.

You can basically combine anything. Sheer top, kimono, blazers, dungarees, bodysuits, there is a world of possibilities. Sometimes less is more, and sometimes superposition is key. Read More.

Fantasy Lingerie Hanging Collection SS18 Summer Rain Teddy 2nd view style SP801

Fantasy Lingerie Hanging Collection SS18

Spring and Summer bring a feeling of ease and renewal and that feeling trickles down into everything we touch, including our delicates. California’s Fantasy Lingerie captures the freshness of Spring/Summer with their newest hanging collection that follows a romantic and softer direction that is sure to inspire customers and retailers across the globe. Read More.

Retail Display Tips from Fantasy Lingerie

Retail Display Tips from Fantasy Lingerie

Creating dynamic in-store displays takes time and effort, and Fantasy Lingerie wants to make that job a little bit easier for its retail partners. We asked Leilani Whitney, president of Fantasy Lingerie, to share some of her best advice on how to merchandise their products. Read on for her top tips, and to learn more about how Fantasy Lingerie works with retailers to create a successful merchandising plan. Read More.

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