Fantasy Premiere Hanging Collection

Fantasy Lingerie Premiere Hanging Collection Lana Gown

Above: Fantasy Premiere Hanging Collection Lana Lace Dressing Gown.

“The Première collection is about beauty, confidence and romance.” – Leilani Whitney, Fantasy Lingerie.

At the last edition of the International Lingerie Show, we saw a preview of Fantasy Lingerie’s Premiere Hanging Collection, a new, high-quality offering from the brand with beautiful pieces at competitive price points. We wanted to learn more, so Fantasy’s Leilani Whitney sat down with TLJ to talk about the Premiere Hanging Collection and the inspiration behind the pieces:

Leilani, we’ve recently showcased two images from the upcoming Première Hanging Collection in our ILS Summer 2015 Recap. It’s a beautiful collection and I was hoping you could tell our readers what the new collection is all about?

The Première collection is about beauty, confidence and romance. It is comprised of beautiful laces, floral embroidery and intricate accents to bring out the most feminine side of the woman wearing it….and the most lustful side of the person looking at it.

Fantasy Premiere Hanging Collection bella kimono lace robe product

Fantasy Lingerie Fantasy Premiere Hanging Collection bella kimono lace robe back

Above: Bella Kimono Lace Robe.

How and why did Fantasy decide to launch this collection?

Fantasy Lingerie has been in the sexy lingerie arena for almost 30 years, and for most of that time, we had beautiful hanging collections. In its recent incarnation, we moved away from hanging and towards boxed lines at the request of our customers. Even though we put the styles in boxes, the quality of our lingerie is so good that many of customers continue to display our pieces on hangers. We decided that it was time to take the collection to the next level by recreating and reintroducing our hanging origins.

Since you’ve been able to preview some of the styles at trade shows, what styles received the most attention? Why do you think that is?

To tell you the truth, all of the styles in the collection received a lot of attention. There are six unique pieces, so it was easy for our customers to pick up the entire line. There was a recurring chorus of “oohs” and “ahhs” over each piece. The individual styles were designed to complement each other, which makes merchandising effortless for the stores.

Fantasy Premiere Hanging Collection bridgette lace bra panty

Above: Bridgette Lace Bra & Skirt with Matching Panty.

Some buyers may recognize some previous offerings and worry that this is a boxed lingerie collection. This is obviously not the case, but I’m hoping you could talk about the quality of the pieces and the fabrics used in the Première Hanging Collection?

This is a very valid question. From the sewing details to the fabric choices, whisper soft mesh, intricate laces and handpicked trims, we strived to put out a line that was fashion forward and intriguing to the boutiques and their clientele who may not yet know Fantasy Lingerie. We also made the line in six sizes so it was available to every BODY.

Fantasy Premiere Hanging Collection tiffany dot mesh babydoll Fantasy Premiere Hanging Collection madison corset panty

Above and from left: Tiffany Dot Mesh Babydoll and Panty and Madison Corset & Panty Set.

What were some of the design inspirations behind the styles?

Our initial inspiration was old Hollywood, which is seen most in our Lana Lace Dressing Gown. From there, we expanded on the silver screen and cinema sirens of yesteryear. Rather than imitating what has already been done, we used these ingredients as inspiration for the smallest details and elements that you see in each garment. All of these ideas were then interpreted into modern silhouettes for this fall and holiday. Our Premiere styles are sure to keep you warm in a different way.

Fantasy Premiere Hanging Collection kassidy cami top panty 1

Above: Kassidy Cami Top & Panty.

Any merchandising advice for retailers considering a range like the Première Hanging Collection?

Yes, buy all the pieces and make your life easy! On a more serious note, the styles are classic pieces that can be worked into any retail design. We have seen them set up as a standalone line, but also incorporated into a store that may already had a strong visual merchandise plan.

Where should we point our readers if they want to learn more about the collection?

Your readers can call Fantasy Lingerie at 1-877-777-4910 and speak with one of our account executives. They can also view the line at, or they can email us at

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