Fascinations Breaks Valentines Sales Record


The film “Fifty Shades of Grey” may have broke movie tickets sales at box offices, but its long-term effects on the romance retail industry are having conspicuous impact. Fascinations, a Phoenix-based romance retail company, experienced over a 15 percent increase in sales during Valentine’s Day weekend from the previous year and continues to see an uptick in product sales from the items used in the movie.

The novel is based around a character that meets a man who explores his passions through the use of BDSM products. The company projects that the sales of these items will not only maintain sales growth but evolve into a less-taboo market for the general public.

Fascinations Breaks Valentines Sales Record

“The extra push from ‘Fifty Shades’ had an extraordinary impact on sales,” Chief Operating Officer, Dustin Olive, said. “With our sales team’s effort, focus on the brand and the continuous product diversity, we were able to achieve unheard-of sales increases during the Valentine’s season.”

Over Valentine’s Day weekend alone, cuffs and blindfolds were some of the most popular items sold in Fascinations locations, along with its “Show No Restraint” series of products inspired by the novel and movie. Lingerie experienced an uptick of over 14 percent from the previous fiscal year. More than 3000 pieces from the “Show No Restraint” line were sold across seventeen stores in five cities.

Fascinations Breaks Valentines Sales Record

With the pending announcement of the film’s sequels, the hype of “Fifty Shades of Grey” continues to allow individuals to expand their perception of romantic retail. Once the movie exits theaters and goes to DVD and online streaming, the company also expects to see another surge in sales.

“Once the movie goes to DVD and On Demand, where people feel more comfortable watching the movie in their own home, we should see another spike,” Olive said. “These projections will bring an unprecedented first quarter sales record for our business.”

Fascinations Breaks Valentines Sales Record

Fascinations showcases a large assortment of lingerie, swimwear, clothing and top-of-the-line novelties. Stores are modeled to be a welcoming and consumer-experience driven. Locations are modeled to be progressively suggestive as the customer walks through the store. Each Fascinations is bright in color, spacious and organized to be inviting to any patron––whether seeking a new intimate novelty product or an outfit to enjoy for a night out on the town.

Fascinations Breaks Valentines Sales Record

In addition to the Phoenix metropolitan area, Fascinations has established locations in Denver and Colorado Springs, Colo., in addition to flagship stores MayBee, in Boulder, Colo., and NV Boutique, in Lone Tree, Colo., both under the Fascinations brand. The company recently opened its first store in Austin, Texas, and has plans to expand to other areas of the Southwest. Products are also available online through its e-storefront called FunLove.com.

For more information about Fascinations product lines, locations and updates, visit YourFascinations.com or Fascinations on Facebook.

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