Fashion Meets Tech: The Infinite Beauty Bra

Infinite Beauty Bra

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Bra design and engineering are complex fields in fashion. There are a lot of factors involved in a bra’s physical and emotional support for a consumer, but what happens when the consumer has battled breast cancer and undergone numerous surgeries?

Breast cancer survivor and advocate Roberta Lombardi believes that survivors deserve the best bras, and set out to change the selection of product offerings when she discovered that post-surgical options are usually limited to unattractive styles with medical-looking wide straps and buckles. With the help of her two nephews, she designed an attractive and functional bra and launched an empowering brand for survivors called Infinite Beauty.

Infinite Beauty: A Bra Designed to Help Beast Cancer Survivors Reclaim Strength and Beauty

The bra, dubbed the Felicia bra, is meant to be attractive. With romantic, lace cups that feature light padding, it vastly outshines other post-surgery bras. However, it’s the technology behind this bra that makes it life-changing for customers. The bra is lined with neoprene, a material used for warmth in scuba suits. “When one has reconstructive surgery, there is no tissue to keep the implants warm,” says Roberta. “Thus the breasts often become very cold to the point of shivering spasms and causes extreme discomfort.”

Infinite Beauty founder, Roberta Lombardi

Roberta has put the garment to the test personally. “I walked 10 blocks in the freezing cold and my chest was the only part of me that wasn’t cold! The bra really works,” she says.

We caught up with a couple of Infinite Beauty customers — a breast cancer survivor and a lingerie retailer — to learn why they love the Felicia bra from Infinite Beauty.

Analy Negado, Survivor

Fashion Meets Tech: The Infinite Beauty Bra

“Most post-mastectomy bras look like utilitarian garments with very wide straps, countless hooks or Velcro, and absolutely no sex appeal. This bra actually looked like a beautiful, normal bra, which goes a long way to help to feel normal after such a drastic surgery.” – Analy Negado, customer.

Analy Negado is a breast cancer survivor. She wore the Felicia bra and was delighted in its design and functionality. “The bra itself is gorgeous,” she says. “The black on nude lace was beautiful and sexy, which is something extremely lacking with post-surgical garments of all types.”

Aside from the fashion-forward aesthetic appeal of the bra Analy says the engineering behind the garment is astounding. “There are a great deal of complications and side effects on the breasts after mastectomy and reconstructive surgery using implants,” she says. “The implants have created large challenges with shopping for bras.”

“The construction is top-notch,” Analy adds. “The materials are clearly selected with survivors in mind, especially with fabrics that will be soft on sensitive scarred areas.”

The innovative use of neoprene for warmth in the cups was not lost on Analy either.

“The cup lining being on the thick side was a pleasant surprise, as foobs (survivor term for fake boobs) are always cold with no tissue insulating them. It also helps to hide the permanently erect nipples that come as a side effect with nipple-sparing procedures.”

Retail Raves

Lulus Store Front

“I’ve only had it in the store for six weeks and I have already re-ordered multiple pieces, with some sizes selling out immediately.-Kim Mangs

The beautiful bra that has turned out to be a miracle to breast cancer survivors is making waves in stores, too, driving sales at exclusive retailer Lulu’s Boutique in Guilford, CT. “After Roberta’s first TV interview, people just came flocking to the store,” says storeowner Kim Mangs. “I’ve had a lot of inquiries. I’ve only had it in the store for six weeks and I have already re-ordered multiple pieces, with some sizes selling out immediately. Most people buy the nude and blush color combo, it is absolutely beautiful.”

Kim sees first hand the joy and confidence such a beautiful post-surgery bra can bring to women that have endured the worst as she routinely sees women’s battle scars and hears their stories. “The whole idea of making something so pretty for these people is one of the dearest things she could have done,” Kim says of Roberta Lombardi, Infinite Beauty founder. “This is long overdue, people are excited.”

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