Felina’s Specialty Essentials Fix Wardrobe Woes

Felina’s Specialty Essentials Fix Wardrobe Woes

“It’s all about wardrobe solutions for women and knowing their body shape.”

Felina is gearing up for its busy season. Willy Mrasek, Creative Director says that during the month of October wardrobe-driven, solution foundations are in high demand. “October is a huge bridal month for us,” he says. “Between that and holiday dressing, people are filling the stores looking for solution-driven pieces.”

The Felina brand carries several styles in their Specialty Essentials collection. Mrasek says the styles are all best sellers and boast top of the line technology. This month, we asked Mrasek to walk us through Felina’s Essentials collection. Read on for a low down on four of the brand’s hottest options.

Felina’s Specialty Essentials Fix Wardrobe Woes

How Felina’s Specialty Essentials Fix Wardrobe Woes

Someone who wants more lift will love Felina’s Bra of the Year (5312). It is a convertible strapless style with no-show bonded edge cups and nonslip silicone. It also features a deep plunge, which works with a variety of necklines and a contoured plunge bump pad for extra lift. The straps can be removed, or adjusted for racer-back styles, single-strap tops and off-the-shoulder trends. “We look at what people are doing in ready-to-wear and we found that younger people are gravitating towards strapless,” says Mrasek. “Many of the ready-to-wear styles have sheer details, there is a lot of that trending. All of our bras are convertible and can be worn both ways.”

The Body Luxe Strapless Contour with Cushion Wire (510671) offers shaping and support with or without straps. Gradual padding results in a natural lift that emphasizes assets and an encased wire channel allows for maximum comfort. The bra features Stay 4 Sure TM silicone film, which is dermatologist approved and hypoallergenic. Mrasek says in warmer climates this has been a huge feature as many women experience skin irritation from the silicone in their bras.

Felina’s Specialty Essentials Fix Wardrobe Woes

Felina also carries bustier style foundations for a clean, classic silhouette. The Essential Seamless Hidden Wire Bustier (7643) in white is the brand’s number one seller, Mrasek says. This patented design has a hidden wire construction for a smooth, clean and seamless look. Side flexible boning and a low deep V back offer comfort and versatility for specialty garments.

Felina’s Specialty Essentials Fix Wardrobe Woes

The Essential Bustier (6043) is a seamless longline push-up bra in soft touch foam. It is crafted from micro sheen nylon/spandex that does not cling to clothing. Soft bones, power mesh lining and anti-slip silicone accents allow it to shape and feel comfortable against the skin.

Mrasek says the longline style has been most popular among the younger demographic and that trends are playing a role in that demand. “It’s a solution driven thing,” he says. “We’re seeing a big thing with shorter, tighter bodices and full skirts. She doesn’t need the full shaping and is going for cropped lengths.”

Felina New_Essentials_8704_WMN_Product

However, that’s no reason to ditch your more traditional styles. Women are buying across the board, Mrasek adds. “It’s all about wardrobe solutions for women and knowing their body shape,” he says. “Customers are buying for a specific need for a specific event and we try to educate our retailers as much as possible. As online shopping becomes more important customer service has to ramp it up. We give them as much information about measures and styles so they can accommodate that.”

Felina’s Specialty Essentials Fix Wardrobe Woes

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