Figur8 Shapewear

Figur8 Shapewear

“Stylish Shapewear for everyday slimming, post surgery compression, and gym fabulous flexing.”

Figur8 Shapewear founders April Alonso and Carrie Combs are taking the latest fashion fascination that is the waist trainer and building a brand that empowers women worldwide to rock their curves and turn heads in any scenario.

Figur8 Shapewear

They believe that when done correctly, waist training offers a safe, effective, and sexy way to rock an hourglass figure and accentuate the beautiful curves women already have, instantly.

To help, they’ve developed a line of waist trainers perfect for those just getting into it for the first time or for long time practitioners.

Figur8 Shapewear

“We’ve taken waist training to a new level by combining the smooth shaping effects of 100% latex, with the posture refining power of steel bones to deliver results that shape the mid-section to give you a figure eight physique you can flaunt at the gym, on the town, or at the office.” said April.

Figur8 Shapewear

Currently, Figur8 Shapewear offers four styles: the Perfect Waist Trainer, the High Intensity Waist Trainer, the Got Your Back Waist Trainer and the Flex-It Waist Trainer.

“We want our ladies to put on that trainer for the first time, look in the mirror – and say ‘damn.'” said April. “But even more importantly, waist training isn’t supposed to be miserable – which is why we use only the best quality materials and communicate one-on-one with our customers to make sure they get the right size to suit their needs and experience with waist training.”

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