Five Ways To Increase Your Valentine’s Day Sales Online

Five Ways To Increase Your Valentine’s Day Sales Online

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Holly Jackson is a online copywriter and lingerie columnist. She can be found blogging at her website or on working on her goal of filling up an entire closet with lingerie on Twitter @fullfigurechest.

If you work in the lingerie industry, life often feels like one never-ending work related sprint from Halloween until Valentine’s Day. Now that we’ve passed the second lingerie related mile marker (the December holidays) we can all get ready to tackle the final one: Valentine’s Day.

I always encourage my clients to start thinking about Valentine’s Day marketing early. Once February hits you’ll be too busy selling things to check for kinks in your website, work on your product descriptions or even figure out how to attract more customers. Now is the time to get your stuff organized, make a plan and figure out how to execute it.

1. Check Your Systems

Creme Bralee Jacqueline in Boysenberry 4

Above: Crème Bralée’s Jacqueline in Boysenberry. Available in Spring 2014.

It’s easy to spend so much time caught up inventory and SEO related quandaries that you forget to get back to the basics: your e-commerce system and web design. Can your online customers easily find your returns policy? Is your buy button in a place that even internet newbies can find? Do you offer size charts? If so, can people find them?

If you’re unsure, find a friend or relative who isn’t as conversant with the internet and let them try to make a purchase. This may sound like a silly or simplistic website test, but it often reveals how user friendly your site really is. Little things, like making your purchase button the same color as your website background can have a big effect on how easy it is to shop with you. Since it’s the internet, many customers will just move onto another store rather than keep trying it something doesn’t work. Check your basics and make sure you’re not losing sales due to something small and easily fixable.

2. Think about SEO early.

Creme Bralee Bettina Red

Above: Crème Bralée’s Bettina in Red.

Search engine optimization can be an agonizingly slow process. If you’re looking to refocus your keywords for Valentine’s Day the time to start is now! If you’re one of those people who finds themselves changing their keywords over four days before Valentine’s Day, you’re probably not getting a huge boost from your effort. Start looking at blog content, product descriptions and any other associated tags now so they have time to filter through the system and into the search engines.

3. Work on a variety of blog posts or gift guides.

Creme Bralee Amanda Set

Above: Crème Bralée’s Amanda.

Lots of people love to buy special lingerie for Valentine’s Day, but not everyone has the same taste. Some people love red and pink lingerie and some people think it’s cheesy. Some people think black lingerie is classic and others think it is awful. Make sure that when you put together your gift guides or blogs, you’re thinking about lots of different types of customers. I often see businesses featuring items for different body types, but not items that appeal to a wide variety of tastes or color preferences. Think outside the box and make sure you’re appealing to your entire customer base.

4. Revamp your product descriptions.

Creme Bralee Zoe in Mink

Above: Crème Bralée’s Zoe in Mink.

Lots of retailers use the description from the company or just copy and paste something similar into each description field. I know it’s easy and you’re strapped for time, but please don’t do this. At best, it’s hard to grab a potential customer with a stale or recycled description. At worst, Google will see you as a copycat and potentially downrank you. Take the extra time now to create informative and compelling descriptions rather than having to rush everything at the last minute.

5. Work on associated social media graphics and plans.

Creme Bralee Zoe in Black

Above: Crème Bralée’s Zoe in black.

We all see those cute graphics on Facebook that go viral from various companies and want to recreate that effect. Unfortunately, those take time and generally aren’t brainstormed or produced overnight. Guess when you have a little more time? Yep, right now.

Sit down and think up some cute and basic ideas for a Valentine’s Day social media plan. Can you create attention grabbing graphics? What about cute themed blog or sale ideas? I saw lots of people utilizing this strategy well over the holidays with various 12 days of Christmas themed promotions that were extremely well thought out. What can you do to stand out on social media this February?

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