Fleur du Mal’s Very Seductive Launch Party

Fleur du Mal

Last Wednesday I was invited by my editor Luis Paredes and Moira Nelson of Bra La Mode to attend Fleur du Mal’s launch event. Arriving at a posh apartment building in Soho, I took the elevator up to the second floor and was immediately overwhelmed by the sheer seductiveness of the atmosphere. The loft space that the company had rented was lit entirely by real glowing candles sitting atop beautifully displayed tables and bookshelves. Off to the side a Parisian DJ played an artfully curated list of tunes. An attractive man holding a serving tray offered me a glass of champagne not even thirty seconds after stepping out of the elevator. With delicious bubbly goodness in hand, I took a moment to take in the space and all its wonder.

Fleur du Mal Launch Party

Gorgeous robes and lace sets hung along the walls like pristine works of art, lit underneath to accentuate the pieces’ finer details. An entire dinner table was set to perfection with cutlery and flower arrangements. On the menu that night? Turquoise and black bra and panty sets from Fleur du Mal’s Rose Lace collection. Lifting one of the bras from the table I examined the delicate French Leavers lace and saw that it was finished with an enticing scalloped edge. Each plate held a variation of the delectable delight, with some featuring the bras lined with silk while others were completely sheer, showing off the intricate rose patterns in the lace even more when held against the skin. This collection begs for attention. Some would argue that the sets should be strictly placed in the “for special occasions” category but after getting to feel and touch them, I noticed the craftsmanship transitioned them into the every day category. They are bras that are comfortable enough for nearly any occasion but also sexy enough to boost confidence and equip you to handle even the most dreadful of days.

Fleur du Mal Rose Lace CollectionFleur du Mal Rose Lace Collection

At the front of the room were several dress forms outfitted in a combination of ready-to-wear and lingerie. I was later informed by one of the brand ambassadors that the launch collection comprises of roughly sixty percent lingerie and forty percent ready-to-wear. On my way over to take a closer look I got distracted by the bar arrangement. Fleur du Mal had hired mixologist drink specialists to create and prepare special cocktails for the event. I couldn’t help but abandon my champagne and reach for the beautifully presented drinks. In the center of my glass bobbed a sphere of ice with a flower captured within it.

Special Mix Drinks at Fleur du Mal's Launch Party

Feeling giddy with my new drink, I was on my way over to the front when I was stopped and introduced to the founder and designer of Fleur du Mal, Jennifer Zuccarini. Knowing her background in the industry (Jennifer first founded luxury brand Kiki de Montparnasse and later moved on to become the Design Director at Victoria’s Secret) I was excited to speak to Jennifer about the finer details of her collection. She led me over to the dress forms, stopping in front of a daring leather corset. Always a sucker for lace-up designs, I fawned over the piece while Jennifer told me about her collaboration with the Parisian corset masters at Cadolle. This piece was constructed from French lambskin and featured a unique peplum design, making in it my mind’s eye the perfect transition piece from the bedroom to out on the town. Details that stood out to me were the full boning and luxuriousness of the corset, as it is fully lined with silk. Coming in small, medium, and large, this corset will certainly be a go-to pick for an array of women.

Fleur du Mal Leather Corset

Next, Jennifer took me over to a lovely red silk kimono hanging on display against a brick wall. She told me how she had always found in the past that other kimonos had too big of sleeves that got in the way and overpowered the garment’s design. Jennifer’s kimono featured short sleeves, a slim cut, and fell just below the knees. She point across the room to the same robe but in black and ivory. I was sold. I ran over to the two-toned piece and tried to envision myself in it.

Fleur du Mal Launch Party

Having worked at both the peak of high-end and for the mass market, Jennifer Zuccarini designed this collection as a great transition designer collection for women entering the world of lingerie. You’ll find underwear priced at $45 and bras for $98. The most expensive pieces are of course the collaborative works with Cadolle, with the gorgeous leather corset mentioned before priced at $955.

Fleur du Mal

Nearly all of the pieces have a ready-to-wear appeal. The robes and corsets demand to be worn outside the bedroom and the utterly unique washable lambskin bralette would be striking worn beneath a sheer blouse.

Fleur du Mal Leather Launch Party

Needless to say, this event definitely put me in a good mood and inspired me to investigate leather additions to my lingerie wardrobe.

To find out more about Fleur du Mal’s launch collection visit www.fleurdumal.com or check them out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/fleurdumalnyc.

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