FOXERS Feathers Collection

FOXERS Feathers Collection

Above: Boyshort Panties. The back features a Lipstick Pocket & a small light blue satin bow on the waistband.

“The FOXERS Feathers Collection is the perfect combination of black and white with the addition of light blue accents and a feather print design!” April Spring.

From the peacock to the Bird of Paradise, plumage dazzles and delights. FOXERS latest collection, Feathers, takes a cue from nature and adds a beautiful feather print to is famous waist bands.

FOXERS Feathers Collection

“The classic black and white combination allows every piece to pair together beautifully and wit most other colors as well! said the brand’s founder, April Spring. “This collection offers women’s panties in cotton or lace and sexy lace tops that are very sexy, comfortable, and beautiful.”

FOXERS Feathers Collection

Boyshorts come with two little black buttons sewn below the waist that resemble a faux fly and the front is detailed with contrasting black flatlock stitching.

“[Feathers] is very sexy and the feather print is reminiscent of an animal print.”

Other styles in the FOXERS Feathers Collection include boyshorts, boxers, boxer briefs, camisoles, and tank tops. It’s a beautiful addition to their catalog of styles. And the lovely blue bows on some of the styles are a delicate touch. And speaking of blue, stay tuned for a new feature on new bridal styles from the FOXERS creative team here on the Lingerie Journal.

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FOXERS is a boutique apparel brand that was created in 2007 by Founder and Designer, April Spring. Her philosophy is that clothing can be stylish, comfortable, and multi-functional. In 2006 she had a brainstorm to use a men’s boxershort waistband band in women’s underwear.

April came up with this idea after seeing many women’s thongs peeking above their jeans and she thought “If we only had the boxer band like men’s boxers…” She took that light bulb moment and within 24 hours purchased men’s boxers, cut the top bands off and stitched them onto women’s underwear. She has two US patents for the idea. For more read “How we started FOXERS“.

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  1. Avatar Sarah Holland says:

    Love the Feathers the collection is marvoulus darling!!! I’ll take one in white. So beautiful the grandma loves her Foxer’s.

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