Framis Italia NoSo® Bonding Tech Available through La Lame

Framis Italia NoSo Technology

“Framis Italia products expands the ability of the designer to decorate their fabrics and engineer garments to create new exciting looks.” – Glen Schneer, La Lame.

Whilst the thought of scientific theories can make us yawn, when applied to lingerie, beautiful and creative things can and do happen. Imagine racy lingerie with lace frills and beach wear that fits like second skin both skilfully made with the power of heat.

This is the kind of thinking that guided textile company Framis Italia to develop heat bonding expertise, known as NoSo® Bonding Technology, that’s ingenious at building better and even more inspired foundations.

Framis Italia

The NoSo® Bonding Technology system, based on principles of thermodynamics, utilize heat-welding tapes that fuse fabrics together providing seamless results – results that might be near to impossible to achieve by hand or machine sewing.

Framis Italia NoSo Technology

Undoubtedly, it’s this sort of bold inventiveness that caught the interest of La Lame Inc who is now Framis Italia’s agent for the New York area.

Possibilities for this ingenuity could be limitless – from applying no VPL lace edges to underwear, to creating the smoothest of shapewear pieces or reinforcing the seams of silk garments without causing damage to the fabric.

Framis NoSo Labels

As with the welding tape, the thermo-adhesive technique can also be used with polyurethane film, making it especially handy for something like fixing logos and no-sew labels to swim and active wear, resulting in a chic, high-end finish.

The Laws of Thermodynamics start to sound pretty attractive, don’t they?

For La Lame’s Glen Schneer, the relationship between his company and Framis Italia is an ideal marriage as Framis Italia’s expertise promises new dimension to what the two together can offer customers through heat bonding technology.

Framis Italia NoSo Technology

“Framis products complement many of the stretch fabric lines that we carry from Europe,” Schneer explains.

And naturally, this complementary affiliation filters down to how design customers can use newly crafted products and services emerging out of La Lame to take their business to the next level.

“Framis Italia products expands the ability of the designer to decorate their fabrics and engineer garments to create new exciting looks,” says Schneer. “This can be done to create decorative looks or execute new garment technologies. We now have the ability to help expand our designer’s tool box to create not only the most beautiful garments but the most innovative garments in the industry.”

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