Fred Fune and Pink Bunny Photoshoot

Fred Fune Pink Bunny 3 - Swimsuit

Fashion photographer Fred Fune shared with us images from two recent shoots. The first is with San Francisco’s Pink Bunny Boutique with model Sarah Farris.

Pink Bunny SF is a boutique shop in San Francisco that is headed and founded by entrepreneur, Serene Martinez. The shop’s philosophy expresses how important that every woman can see herself as beautiful. They believe that beauty is an intrinsic part of a person’s soul and that lingerie becomes an enhancing quality to the woman’s personal beauty.

Sarrah Farris wearing Pink Bunny (11)

Sarah Farris is a Sonoma County/Bay Area model who specializes in lingerie and glamour style photography. Her experience as a model has brought her to accept her beauty, “Acceptance is more beautiful than anything we could ever create in this world.

“Before I started (modeling), I felt that I couldn’t do it because I didn’t have the “perfect” body. I asked myself this every day, who defines perfect? Why did we, as humans, imagine this beautiful figure with absolutely no flaws when no such thing exists? All of us are part of this image of perfection that none of us will really achieve, so appreciate the parts that paint the picture of perfection and the parts the make you not, for it is not what just makes us human – it makes us real.” – From an interview in B-Louder issue #7

The second shoot is collaborative shoot in Bodega Bay and Fort Ross with models Alexis Vann and Amber Gregory. Scroll down to enjoy:

Pink Bunny Shoot

Fred Fune Pink Bunny 3 - Swimsuit

Bodega Bay & Fort Ross Shoot


Fred Fune

Sarah Farris
Alexis Vann
Amber Gregory

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