Video Spotlight Part 2

The top idea to steal in 2013? Turns out it was “At Home Bra Fitting” by

That’s what we learned from FreshPair’s President, Matthew Butlein. In part 2 of our video interview, we learn more about, how their popular At Home Bra Fitting Program works, the importance of the off-line experience and empowering customers.

at's NYC headquarters

Above: at’s NYC headquarters.

Matthew shares with us how FreshPair has recruited expert bra fitters — women who have done thousands of fittings throughout their career to help the company’s customers find the right fit, style and brand over the phone. Customers who go through the consultation then receive 10 – 20 bras in the mail to try at home for a week. Customers can send back what they don’t want and pay for what they keep.

FreshPair's At Home Bra Fitting Program

“What we really want to do is not just provide the best fit, but help educate our customers…” – Matthew Butlein

The success of the program has helped women around the country find the right bra. Matthew identified three groups of women that have benefited from the At Home Bra Fitting program: women who are timed pressed, those that don’t have a boutique or department store near by that offers skilled fittings, and women who aren’t comfortable (or have had a good experience) with in-person bra fittings.

Mens Underwear on display at's headquarters in NYC

Above: Mens Underwear on display at’s headquarters in NYC.

Matthew also gives us a moving example of a customer who had a wonderful experience with the retailer’s program that you need to watch and listen to at the 2:00 minute mark.

Stay tuned for the final part of our video spotlight on next week.

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