Freya Romance Boutique Spotlight

Freya Romance Boutique

“When you walk into [Freya], you are welcomed and appreciated. Everyone is offered one-on-one assistance, no matter what they are looking for.” – Kari Reyes.

How do Alaskans keep things hot in even the coldest of winters? With great lingerie, of course!

Kari Reyes has created a lingerie oasis with her Freya Romance Boutique in the capital city of Alaska. The store specializes in what Reyes calls unique lingerie. She explains, “I didn’t want to carry ‘trashy,’ I wanted to carry ‘classy.’”

Freya Romance Boutique FOXERS display

And after some serious searching, she came across FOXERS. Kari reached out to the brand and learned that FOXERS’s owner, April Spring was willing to work with her and that the FOXERS brand was exactly what Juneau needed. It was a perfect match, and April soon came to visit Freya to see one of her best-selling retailers in person!

Freya Romance Boutique

Opened on September 25, 2015, this Juneau lingerie store is all about passion! Kari Reyes explains, “When you walk into the boutique, you are welcomed and appreciated. Everyone is offered one-on-one assistance, no matter what they are looking for. We are a small boutique, but we are good at what we do. We offer lingerie in sizes XS-4X, if we don’t have what you are looking for, we will do our best to find it and bring it in for you! We live by the saying ‘Sexy is an attitude, not a size.’”

FOXERS 2017 Booty Shoot Photo by Amanda Manacio

Photo by Amanda Manacio.

With an attitude like this, it’s no wonder the Alaskan lingerie boutique was a natural fit with the FOXERS brand. April, believes that her intimates fit in well with Freya Romance Boutique because both the brand and the store are “FUN, COMFORTABLE and FOXY”! This is exemplified by Freya’s best-selling FOXERS style, lace boxers.

“They fit so many body shapes, and truly look amazing on every body. The soft, stretchy lace and waistband are so comfortable,” said Kari “I have many ladies that say they have a drawer or two drawers dedicated to FOXERS”!

Freya Romance Boutique April and Kari

“FOXERS and Freya are a great example of how brands and shops can partner together to take over the lingerie world.”

Store visits are of monumental importance for emerging lingerie brands. They give designers, like April, a chance to interact face-to-face with adoring customers and retailers to get honest feedback and ideas for future collections. Kari shares that the FOXERS visit was the highlight of two years in business and an absolute thrill for her customers.

“When I announced to my customers that April, of FOXERS was coming to Freya and would be here for a weekend, they just wanted details,” she said. “We had at least 50 customers, stop by that evening to meet April and her husband Alex. Men, women, couples, it was amazing. Everyone wanted to meet April, the brains behind FOXERS!”

The fun wasn’t only limited to that Friday. On Sunday, the boutique put together a Customer Appreciation picnic and FOXERS. The event featured a view of the Mendenhall Glacier, a fire, and lots of food and fun.

Freya Romance Boutique FOXERS display

Clearly the trip was a smash-hit for the customers who wanted to get to know more about their favorite lingerie brand, but that wasn’t the only perk! Kari explains, that meeting April was helpful for her business.

“I was able to pick her brain about FOXERS and what is coming in the future. She also asked me, my staff and my customers what they wanted to see from FOXERS! How awesome is that to have a lingerie line ask what they can do for you!”

Freya Romance Boutique FOXERS display

April felt that the experience of spending time with this retailer was heartwarming and rewarding.

“I believe these boutique owners put out so much effort on our behalf it’s least we can do to meet them in person and say thank you”! April was also inspired by the body-positivity of the store’s customer base,” said April. “The women LOVE their bodies and all of them embrace sexy but love comfort…I felt like I learned so much from them. I spoke with each person as they arrived and it was as if I knew them. They were so kind and interesting.”

Freya Romance Boutique

Carried in over 200 stores, FOXERS is a blossoming brand. The great design, fabrics and price-point of the lingerie brand make it an easy favorite for shoppers around the globe. However, no man is an island, and never is that more true than in the retail world. Brands like FOXERS gain die-hard fans due to the hard-work of great retailers, like, Freya Romance Boutique who work hard to promote the brand and find its ideal customer. FOXERS and Freya are a great example of how brands and shops can partner together to take over the lingerie world. Both April Spring and Kari Reyes work hard to bring beautiful and comfortable intimates to women of all shapes and sizes and now that the two of them are working hand-in-hand, they will be unstoppable!

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