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Fury Intimates

An undeniable passion for lingerie and a fierce determination to put her stamp on the fashion world, compelled mom, designer and businesswoman Jennifer Waters to create her own intimate apparel line, Fury Intimates.

Harnessing the power of lingerie to make women feel confident and beautiful and weaving that together with her own personal sense of style, allowed Jennifer to render up a handmade brand oozing with on trend edginess and a strong urban flair.

Jennifer, a member of RAW Artists, found her inspiration and role model for Fury intimates a decade before she even launched her brand in 2016.

Fury Intimates

“I saw a bathing suit that a popular singer was wearing in her CD album cover book. It was a black swimsuit with metal accents, that reminded me of edgy lingerie” she informs. “I was designing for a year before 2006 but after that day, the look of my brand totally changed!”

Fury Intimates presents with sharp and commanding sexy lines and angles buffered with feminine features and pretty patterns to balance the look and feel of the collection. This combination reflects the personality of the “Fury” woman, who is modelled on Jennifer herself.

“The Fury woman is definitely a reflection of me!” she says. “Our customer is a woman that is strong and confident but also has that softer side to still be loving and ever a little submissive. I think most woman feel this way. And I wanted to create designs that displayed both sides.”

Fury Intimates

To this end, Jennifer, a self-taught lingerie designer, has employed the saucy dominance of leather looks and the sweetness of fabrics like lace, velvet, chiffon, satin, mesh and taffeta to invent bra and bustier looks that pack a sexy punch and push the boundaries between underthings and ready-to-wear, street chic styling.

Fury Intimates

Confident in her efforts, Jennifer, believes her brand is poised to be the edgy, trendy go-to treat that women like herself desire for everyday wear as well as those femme fatale moments.

“I think it’s a great customer choice because we focus on our designs being fashion forward and women can appreciate an easily accessible stylish lingerie line. And we hope to achieve that goal,” she says.

As a testament to her own creativity, brand owner Jennifer Waters enjoys both creating and wearing the Fury Intimates assortment.

Fury Intimates

“It makes me feel like a vixen!” she explains. “My favorite piece that I love to wear is a stylish and edgy bustier. I just finished sewing our new harness bustier for the summer collection that I’m excited for everyone to see.”

And speaking of summer collection, Jennifer gave tempting insight into her upcoming addition to Fury Intimates. Once again, her work has been inspired by the entertainment world, focussing on kick butt heroines who are the personification of feminine fury.

Fury Intimates

“I’m so thrilled about the new collection! We will be launching it in the next few weeks,” Jennifer informs. “It’s called BadGal and it was inspired by Charlize Theron’s movie, Atomic Blonde. The pieces will be named after badass women like Salt, Scarlett and Okoye from Black Panther. The collection is made with mesh, faux leather and a gorgeous emerald green lace. This is our best work to date. I wanted to push myself with this collection to make it more editorial but still edgy. I incorporated new styles like cut outs and harnesses and ensured that each piece was made with gold or rose gold accents.”

Brand fans can get glimpses of Jennifer hard at work on her latest collection on Instagram.

“My all-time favorite social media platform is Instagram for sure” she says. “I like to post inspirational quotes or BTS [Behind the Scenes] videos of me building my brand from home, so people can stay self-motivated, which can be hard in our modern times.”

Fury Intimates

Jennifer, a highly motivated personality, is excited to see her brand expand and conquer new ground as she desires to see Fury Intimates in both online and brick and mortar boutiques that will help to put her brand in the spotlight.

“I’m really drawn to luxury lingerie with an edge. Some of my favorite online sites are Etsy, sheerluxurylingerie.com and my new fav, designerlingerie.com,” she informs. “The top brick and mortar boutiques that I adore are Journelle, Le Bustiere and Coco de Mer. I find that all of these places tend to carry lingerie that is a bit more fashion forward, and some really support emerging designers, which I appreciate both as a designer myself and a consumer.”

There’s no doubt that the right connections coupled with Jennifer’s raw talent, strong faith and sheer determination will have her kicking butt in this industry for a long time.

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