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FYI by Dani Read is not for everyone – especially if the pinnacle of lingerie for you starts and ends with bows and frilly lace.

“FYI shuns the lingerie industry’s traditional portrayal of women as perky pin-ups or delicate flowers,” explained Dani Read, the designer. “We’re creating lingerie to empower women.”

Over the past year, the brand has attracted a lot of attention and fans. And one of FYI’s most dedicated fans is Lorna Laurentino, an intimate apparel student at FIT who also helps Dani Read create the collection here in New York.

“We’re creating lingerie to empower women.” – Dani Read

We first met Dani and Lorna at CURVENY earlier last year and were impressed by FYI’s debut collection and stayed in touch to cover FYI’s SS12 offerings being showcased at the Lingerie Collective next week.

We asked Lorna to describe the new SS12 collection and why customers should be excited to which she replied, “The spring collection is really not something to be fucked with.”

It’s an impressive follow up to FYI’s debut and we hope you’re excited to see it. So we’ve put together this video previewing FYI by Dani Read SS12. On Monday, January 15, 2012, we’ we’ll debut the full video with Dani Read and more images. Take a look and tell us what you think.

Video Transcript

My name is Lorna. I’m an intimate apparel student at FIT. I work for Dani from FYI by Dani Read. Dani caters to a femme fatale type of archetype – not someone that’s into the French cliche of lingerie (pink lace and bows).

I think Dani caters to women that feel left out in the lingerie market. And she replaces bows embellishments with studs and things that have a much more bad-ass quality to it. You put it on and you just feel like you could conquer the world.

The spring collection is really not something to be fucked with. It’s cool. It’s mostly consisting of all white luxury products like white calf skins, white chiffons and its’ inspired by Marie Antoinette but again, not the French quality, not the way you expect it. There’s a lot of her signature studs.

One of my favorite pieces is this cage bra, it has a leather cage on it with studs going across the straps. And [FYI] is not only an awesome product, awesome lingerie but they are awesome accessories. You could easily where that bra under a tank top with studs coming out of it.

It’s a statement.

And I think FYI is a huge statement. You put on the products and people know who you are and what you’re about.

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