FYI by Dani Read Takes Root In Detroit

Dani Read, designer and founder of FYI by Dani Read

Dani Read, designer and founder of FYI by Dani Read

Dani Read, the designer and founder of FYI by Dani Read, just announced that she is moving her company to Detroit, Michigan.

After visiting the Motor City earlier this month, Dani encountered the growing garment industry there and found not only a talented workforce and creative community of artists, but also a city government working hard to make businesses like hers succeed.

“It’s a big move and I’m really excited about it,” said Dani. “There’s just an incredible opportunity to collaborate with other artists and an incredible amount of space. I felt that it was now or never. There are a lot of opportunities in Detroit that I don’t want to miss out on.”

Dani also noted that her transition to Detroit has been made easier because of all the resources already in place there. “…from finding space, workers, or equipment there’s always been a number and person I can call on,” she said.

Additionally, there is a particular program in Detroit that is helping women find work that immediately attracted her called, The Empowerment Plan. Dani explained that the program, in addition to helping provide coats to the homeless, helps women who previously worked as seamstress and are unemployed or homeless find work again by pairing them up with designers.

Dani was able to meet with some of the women in that program while she was there earlier this month and says of both the move and the program that it will help her company grow and noted, “…and if it can help us grow ethically, then that seems like the perfect relationship.”

The move also allows Dani to bring everything encompassing FYI under one roof. Additionally, the move also ensures FYI stays made in America.

“This will give us a chance to spread out to have a headquarters and a factory in one place,” said Dani. “This will allow me to do on-the-spot quality control, build my own team, and helps me build my brand identity.”

FYI’s Spring 2013 offerings will be the first collection produced in Detroit.

Dani makes the move later this month and exclaimed, “I’m going to hit the ground running.”

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