Gelmart International Launches New Corporate Website June 1, 2011

A screen grab of Gelmart International's New Corporate Website

Gelmart International announced they are launching their newly re-designed corporate website,, on June 1st. The new site reflects the new corporate brand image. Gelmart wants to convey a new energy and forward movement. The website will be engaging, user-friendly and interactive. The site will provide information on current projects as well as updates on new initiatives and developments in the company’s pipeline.

Gelmart’s president, Yossi Nasser, has recently implemented several initiatives which are intended to take the company into the next phase of its development. The new corporate website is just one part of his strategic plan.

In addition to redesigning the corporate site, the company announced last month that it has officially changed its name from Gelmart Industries, Inc. to Gelmart International. This name change is indicative of the company’s global presence. The company established an overseas office in mainland China earlier this year which functions as a product development and sourcing center. And, Gelmart is now partnering with retailers in key international markets to build upon their strong U.S. business. The company has also implemented a new company logo with an updated brandmark.  Coupled with an innovative marketing plan and several key strategic growth initiatives, Nasser expects the company to grow significantly over the next five years. The new corporate image reflects the new direction of the company while still paying tribute to Gelmart’s long history.  Nasser states, “We never want to lose sight of our roots.  But we feel that it is important to evolve and move forward to best service our loyal customers.” The creative team, QuallsBenson, contributed to the reinvention of Gelmart including the design of the new site,, and the recent branding and marketing initiatives.

Nasser recently stated, “I am very excited and honored to be leading the transformation at Gelmart.  I have very high confidence in the future success of this company.  I am not only motivated as an owner; I am proud to continue the legacy of this family business which has maintained strong family values throughout its history.  I have a high level of regard and confidence in the people that work with me.  Together, we are taking Gelmart to the next level.” Under Nasser’s leadership, the company’s forward-thinking initiatives are being implemented and their goals are being realized.  Priority is being placed on product innovation and merchandising. Gelmart’s mission is to design and develop product that is innovative, solution-oriented, trend-right, and value-driven.

Gelmart is a privately-held global manufacturer of Women’s Private Label and Branded Intimate Apparel. Gelmart has offices in New York, NY and in mainland China.

For more information, contact:
Moira Nelson- Gelmart International
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Photos by creative agency QuallsBenson

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