Gelmart Now Doing Business as Gelmart International

an image of the new Gelmart International logo which is made up of the initials G,I, and L enveloped in vertical tear drops and the word Gelmart

Gelmart Industries Inc is changing its name to Gelmart International as part of the company’s new strategic growth plan that includes a new website, new logo and new look.

A head shot of Gelmart International president Yossi Nasser

Gelmart International president Yossi Nasser

“The name change reflects our growth strategy which includes global reach. Gelmart is no longer just a manufacturer. Today, we are a full-service vendor partner with the ability to design and develop, source and manufacture, merchandise and market the right product at the right time at the right price,” said Yossi Nasser, president of the organization. “We service each customer to the best of our ability. We don’t just sell to our customers. There is a big difference. I believe this is why Gelmart was honored with the Walmart Supplier of the Year Award for 2010.”

Visitors to the company’s url,, will immediately see a countdown to the new website launch date and a look at the new logo.

The new look reflects the new direction of the company while still paying tribute to Gelmart’s long history. Nasser states, “We never want to lose sight of our roots. But we feel that it is important to evolve and move forward to best service our loyal customers.” The creative team, QuallsBenson, contributed to the rebirth of Gelmart.

The company’s short-term strategy is to focus on the expansion of its core business. Leveraging their strengths in supply chain management, product design and development, and merchandising, they are driving volume/sales within their established retail channels which include mass retailers and national chains such as Walmart, Kmart, Sears, as well as specialty stores like Avenue. At the same time, Gelmart is rapidly increasing their retail distribution channels by diversifying product categories and merchandising methods. The next phase of the company’s growth includes the development of in-house brands and the licensing of established, nationally recognized brands. Over the next five years, they plan to double annual wholesale revenues by designing, manufacturing and marketing a comprehensive portfolio of brands in the intimate apparel, shapewear, and sleepwear categories. Gelmart International will have a global presence; the company is partnering with retailers in key international markets to build upon their strong U.S. business.

“We never want to lose sight of our roots. But we feel that it is important to evolve and move forward to best service our loyal customers.” – Yossi Nasser

Gelmart’s dynamic, new leadership team was carefully assembled by Nasser to ensure that all of the company’s initiatives are strategically and innovatively executed to optimize sales and profits. Nasser is involved in the front end of the business, communicating directly with the company’s retail clients on a daily basis. Two integral members of the senior management team include Ken Parag and Eve Bastug. Ken is the CFO and EVP of Supply Chain. Eve is the Senior Vice President of Merchandising and Design. With the help of Ken and Eve, Nasser recently established an office in mainland China which includes a state-of-the art sample room. This satellite office serves as the company’s “product development and sourcing hub.”

Nasser states, “To achieve our goals, first, I had to lay a firm foundation upon which we could grow. This began with the infrastructure. Internally, departments and their personnel were realigned. I took a lot of time to put together the new senior management team. I believe, if you have the right people on your team, and you are aligned and focused towards a common goal, anything can be achieved. I implemented new systems including a high-tech computer system. The move of our sample room from New York to China, is not only cost effective, but it also provides us with a competitive edge. We consolidated our production facilities so that our suppliers are our key partners. We operate domestic distribution centers in New Jersey and in Los Angeles, California. The West Coast distribution center significantly cuts our shipping leadtimes and saves on our air shipments (if needed). Additionally, I have implemented leadtime monitoring systems to ensure our product cycle is as tight as possible.”

Nasser concludes, “I am very excited and honored to be leading the transformation at Gelmart. I have very high confidence in the future success of this company. I am not only motivated as an owner; I am proud to continue the legacy of this family business which has maintained strong family values throughout its history. I have a high level of regard and confidence in the people that work with me. Together, we are taking Gelmart to the next level.”

Gelmart is a privately-held global manufacturer of Women’s Private Label and Branded Intimate Apparel. Over the past six decades, Gelmart has become an industry leader in designing/developing, sourcing, manufacturing and marketing distinctive intimate apparel products while providing exceptional customer service to its clients worldwide. Gelmart has offices in New York, NY and in mainland China.

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