Gerbe 2012-2013 Collection

Paris by Night

Having always stood for quality, perfection, and elegance, French hosiery brand GERBE does not disappoint with their 2012-2013 collection. One glance at the patterns and color palettes, and it is clear that the sophisticated and inherent style of Paris has had its poetic influence on the designs. The very architecture and urban design of the city have been used as sources of inspiration for this collection: the city and its magic districts, the majestic monuments like the Eiffel Tower with its crossed lines, and the ornamental metro stations featuring refined laces.


Scroll down to see even more examples of how architectural design and Parisian style can beautifully impact hosiery.

The Collection
(Writer’s note: product descriptions provided by GERBE)

LyriqueThe Graphics
Contrast of opacity and transparency, relief effects, yarn pinches and plays on materials adding some depth reflect this graphic direction. The LYRIQUE tights and footless tights featuring a baroque style ornamental design and the PARIS BY NIGHT tights and stay-ups with their subtle criss cross arrangements plainly interpret this spirit.









Chic'issimeThe Exclusives
As a flagship product in the collection, GERBE launches the Stiletto, a real innovative model, which has been registered. These footless tights are subtly and loosely gathered at the ankle and designed to be worn all year round to create streamlined legs and a sublime silhouette.









Pied de PouleThe Neo-Classics
All about French Allure: the fashion Classics are revisited, like the PIED DE POULE design, an essential timeless, redesigned to bring out a play of expressive opacity. The PARISIENNE tights and stockings feature small diamond patterns, ultra chic and modern, an alternative to the reigning supreme “Plumetis” for fashion “lightweight dots” addicted.








Sensitive 30Color Trend
Above and beyond stylistic innovation, GERBE is emerging as a trend setter by emphasizing the importance of colors. The NYMPHEA or SENSITIVE 30 styles perfectly reflect the colors and display a vibrant cocktail of electrifying tones. In a more upbeat and youthful style, the MOUSSE ALTESSE tights are making a come back together with a new version of the VOILE GERLON 15, now available in ankle socks. Both are featured in an array of fresh and acidulous hues. To play the perfect accessory, the SENSITIVE 30 stockings and SENSATION suspender belt display new bi coloured hues so as to tone up any outfits to one’s desire. Among them, Améthyste , Emeraude, Topaze, Rubis… as deep and precious as they are.





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2 Comments on “Gerbe 2012-2013 Collection

  1. Avatar Abby says:

    This whole collection looks stunning. I absolutely love the Lyrique tights, they’re beautiful. The coloured stockings are also amazing. I just want them all.

  2. Avatar Karla says:

    same comment, the collecion is fantastic
    where can one shop for them?
    in line?


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