Get to Know CURVE’s Meghan Murray Cox

Meghan Murray Cox

Above: Meghan Murray Cox. Photos by Charles Roussell.

“One of my favorite parts of my job is connecting brands and buyers.” – Meghan Murray Cox, CURVEXPO.

We’d love to hear how you make a retailer’s visit to CURVE special. Could you give us an overview of what your position is about at CURVE and what do you do?

My team and I are completely focused on the buyers and creating a tradeshow experience that is not only productive but fun! We have established relationships with each of our buyers and continue to nurture them as well and create new relationships. We offer many services including: Personal Shopper, Appointment Booking, Travel Assistance and even friendly advice of where to visit in the city.

CURVE visitor with Kristopher Kaye and Meghan Murray Cox

Above: CURVE visitor with Kristopher Kaye and Meghan Murray Cox.

Could you give us a few examples of how you help Retailers who come to CURVENEWYORK or CURVELASVEGAS?

We help retailers by connecting them with brands, creating appointments, helping to reserve hotel rooms in Las Vegas with our partner hotel and directing them to the best hotels in New York.

How did you come to the CURVE family? Did you have experience in intimate apparel before? What was the most surprising thing for you about working at CURVE and working in the lingerie world?

I joined the CURVE family in May 2013. I was previously working with a conference company which created events across many different industries but not Lingerie! I knew I was joining a great company but what I love about CURVE is the care that we give each and every client from attendee to exhibitor. Each member of the CURVE team truly loves their position and it shows in the work. Personally, I have made so many connections in this industry who are now not just colleagues but friends. I never knew that the lingerie industry had so much diversity in each part – it is fascinating!


Part of what makes CURVE special is the show’s ability to connect brands with buyers — how do you personally make that happened?

One of my favorite parts of my job is connecting brands and buyers. Some of our programs to create these relationships are: Personal Shopper, The Hotel, Resort & Spa Program (in Las Vegas). In addition to these programs I speak with my buyers on a regular basis and listen to what they need and want from a brand and based on these conversations I then connect the buyer with the appropriate brand.

Is there anything coming up for the Vegas show you’d like retailers to know about?

We are coming off a very strong February show and I am looking forward to carrying this momentum into August. We are continuing the programs mentioned above and I look forward to strengthening them along with the relationships my team and I have with the buyers. Look out for the return of the Hotel, Resort & Spa Program, a post-show networking event and an overall continued celebration of CURVE’s 10 years!


Above: Erica M at CURVENEWYORK.

Outside of CURVE, what are your passions? How do you stay excited about the lingerie world?

My passions are fitness, fashion and being outdoors! If you think about it, lingerie has a big impact on your life: a girl needs to feel comfortable and wants to be fashionable too. I find it exciting that there are new designers emerging with new styles and fabrics and that something as simple as a bra can be made into a new and exciting piece.

For any buyers who want to learn more about CURVE or need details on how to attend — where should we point them to?

Buyers can contact me at any time for more information also, to learn more & to pre-register they should visit our website: and they can also email:

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