Giving the Gift of Lingerie

Giving the Gift of Lingerie

As a lingerie aficionado, you know the power of beautiful undergarments. You know the boost of confidence that a bit of hidden luxury and sensuality provides. How wonderful it is to give that gift to someone you care about!

But giving lingerie as a gift can be a challenge. When is a gift of lingerie appropriate? How do you know what they want or need? What about sizing? When is lingerie an appropriate gift?

Mapalé Holiday Season Collection 2019

Above: Mapalé Lingerie.

Beyond the obvious bachelorette party negligee or the overtly sexy Valentine’s Day get-up, lingerie is a wonderful gift for a person embarking on a new chapter of their life. Consider these:

● A young university graduate embarking on their first professional job.
● A new mother going from full-time childcare to work outside the home.
● A person whose long-time relationship has ended, who is now redefining themself as a single person.
● A hard-working professional who just landed a big promotion.

All of these people are likely to need and appreciate a lingerie refresh. Remember, a gift of lingerie does not need to carry romantic associations. It can be a gift of encouragement, support, and appreciation. Giving beautiful lingerie says, “I see you. You are worthy of wearing beautiful things.”

Which items make great gifts?

Dreamgirl Launches 2019-2020 Holiday Lingerie

Above: Dreamgirl Lingerie.

If you’re close enough to consider giving lingerie as a gift, you may be close enough to get a look at their lingerie collection. Are their everyday bras and panties showing their age? Do their underthings look appropriate for this stage in their life? Replacing everyday undergarments with luxurious, high quality versions would be marvelous.

Try bringing up your last lingerie shopping expedition in conversation. Talk about how much you love that new bra you just bought. Listen for any response that begins with “I wish…”. That’s your clue to what might be a welcome gift.

You may be more comfortable giving a beautiful nightgown or camisole instead of bras and panties. Not only is it a bit less intimate, loungewear can be easier to fit. And you can’t go wrong with an elegant silk robe. They’ll feel like a movie star every time they wear it.

A gift card to your favorite lingerie boutique saves you from trying to guess sizes and styles. Offer to accompany them for moral support (a first time bra fitting can be an intimidating experience!), and take them for lunch or a drink afterward.

Presentation Counts

Giving the Gift of Lingerie

Such a special gift deserves special packaging. Panties in a paper gift bag probably won’t convey the message you’re trying to send.

Whether you’re giving a gift card or the actual garments, choose a pretty box with coordinating tissue and ribbon. Include a small bottle or some travel packets of Eucalan fine fabric wash so they’ll be prepared to care for the new lingerie. Consider including a lavender sachet, or a satin lingerie storage bag.

Take care when choosing a time to present your gift. They may not want to open this package while gathered around the Christmas tree with the children, or while sitting in a crowded restaurant. Chose a moment when they can appreciate your gift privately.

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