Glamory at ILS April 2016

Glamory 50352 Mesh Black

Glamory will fit someone up to 6’8” and 360 lbs or a 44” inseam and 40” wide thigh and stay up.

In two weeks, the International Lingerie Show opens its doors to visiting buyers and press from April 4 – 6, 2016. As we get closer, we’ll highlight a few brands making their way to the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas like plus size hosiery specialists, Glamory.

Glamory 50125 Microstar 50 Black

Above: the Microstar 50 Tights feature extra wide brief and thigh area, sheer to waist, very comfortable to wear, perfect fit, comfort gusset, flat seams, fully boarded, reinforced toe.

In the previous few months, we’ve showcased this brand’s history, dedication to quality and collections. Today, we’re giving some of our readers who might have missed our previous coverage a quick primer on Glamory.

Glamory 50142 Fit 20 Make Up

Glamory’s Fit 20 are high quality sheer knee highs with a special soft top to assure a perfect fit.

Glamory offers 34 different styles, 370 different SKU’s, and ten different color combinations. The brand’s production takes place in Germany, while laces and yarns are sourced from suppliers in Italy and Portugal according to the firm.

Glamory Hosiery

“Glamory thigh highs and stocking are very high quality. They last a long time and are very durable,” noted the brand’s Tim Gettler, adding that the collection includes “thigh highs that won’t roll down, control tops in our pantyhose to smooth and cinch in bulges, and many styles specifically designed to energize and firm thighs.”

Glamory 50168 Velvet 80 Black

Above: Velvet 80 leggings feature very high elasticity for larger sizes, perfect fit, flat seams.

Buyers concerned about shipping costs from Europe needn’t says Tim as his distribution center is located in Arizona. Retailers that already carry the line in the U.S. include Forever Yours Lingerie, Spice Sensuality Boutique, Sophisticated Pair and Zoe and Company.

Buyer’s interested in meeting with Glamory at ILS, should email Tim directly at:

Wholesale Questions about Glamory Hosiery?

Contact: Timothy Gettler
Phone: (800) 452-0145

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