Glamory Hosiery Quality

Glamory Hosiery Comfort 20 in Black

Glamory Hosiery Comfort 20 in Black.

In small sewing factories across Italy and Portugal, lace tops, thigh highs and stockings wait for the expert touch of seamstresses and tailors to bring them together as a complete Glamory Hosiery style.

Glamory Hosiery Quality

The artisans take their place in front of humming Juki sewing machines and guide the hosiery and lace tops through feeders, needles pulsing and blurring, perfectly stitching the delicate pieces together. Within minutes, a pair of Glamory Hosiery is ready for someone around the world to love.

Glamory Hosiery Quality

It’s a beautiful process showcasing Glamory’s dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

And it’s not easy, as the brand’s Timothy Gettler explains, “Having the lace made for the different hosiery tops is a difficult business. A lot of the factories end up closing and going bankrupt.”

While sometimes discouraging, it never stops Glamory from finding the right partners and creating new, innovative styles.

Glamory Hosiery Deluxe 20 thigh high

Glamory Hosiery Deluxe 20 thigh high.

One of the brand’s most eye-catching designs is its Deluxe20 thigh highs featuring a beautiful, wide bi-color lace top (red and black) that is specifically made for Glamory.

Timothy says the wide lace pattern — seen also in styles like Couture20 and Luxury20 — express romance, sexiness and delicate beauty. Other Glamory styles feature subtler lace tops designed to cater to the business class.

GlamoryHosiery Comfort-20-Champagne-Plus-Size closeup

Curious about the number 20 after each style? It refers to the denier, a unit of weight by which the fineness of silk, rayon, or nylon yarn is measured, equal to the weight in grams of 9,000 meters of the yarn and often used to describe the thickness of hosiery. Source: Wikipedia.

Glamory Hosiery Allure20 closeup

“The Allure 20, Vital 40 and Vital 70 have a narrower, lower profile band that is concealed under clothing. It is not meant to have attention brought to it,” explained Timothy. “Although the Allure20 does come in different contrasting band colors to give the wearer a little something extra. These are also perfect for someone that likes to wear their skirt or dresses a little shorter, tighter or with a higher slit.”

Some of Glamory’s styles also have special features that go beyond looks. The Vital range, for example, are designed to have a light, graduated compression to stimulate blood circulation.

Glamory Hosiery Vital 40

“Especially in the tall and plus size market. No one comes close to our variety of sizes, styles and colors.” – Timothy Gettler, Glamory.

While there are aesthetic differences within the plus size hosiery collection, all of Glamory’s share one thing: high-quality materials.

“All of our hosiery is checked and tested by OEKO-TEX an independent Textiles Certification Company. This is just one of the things that sets Glamory Hosiery apart and ahead of any other hosiery line,” says Timothy. “Especially in the tall and plus size market. No one comes close to our variety of sizes, styles and colors.”

Speaking of variety, Timothy teased new fabric developments are in the works for a new style debuting this summer.

Glamory Hosiery Mesh

Customers do need to take care of their hosiery, but no matter the style, Timothy suggests using a gentle wash like Eucalan to keep them clean. “We would never recommend machine washing especially with other garments,” he adds.

With the upcoming International Lingerie Show in April, retailers have a chance to see the entire Glamory Collection at the Rio Hotel from April 4 – 6, 2016 in Las Vegas.

Timothy also encourages retailers to see the brand’s website to learn more about each unique Glamory Style at:

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Phone: (800) 452-0145

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  1. Avatar Tina says:

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