Glamory Hosiery Valentine’s Day Styles

Glamory Hosiery Valentine's Day Styles Deluxe20 thigh high

Above: Glamory Hosiery Valentine’s Day Styles include the brand’s Deluxe20 thigh high.

Valentine’s Day inspires lingerie addicts to explore, tantalize and surprise themselves (or their partner) with the gift of special occasion lingerie. It’s a holiday retail trend we can all count on.

In fact, shoppers opened their bank accounts — and hearts — to the tune of $1.3+ million dollars on clothing and lingerie last Valentine’s according to an IBIS World Report. They project a 2% growth for 2016.

And one piece of intimate apparel that always sees an uptick in interest this time of year is hosiery.

As Timothy Gettler of Glamory Hosiery said, “Valentine’s Day is all about romance. Personally, when it comes to what you wear, nothing is more romantic than wearing a pair of thigh highs or stockings with a garter belt.”

Glamory Couture20 thigh high

Read how Timothy’s wife inspired him to work with Glamory HERE.

The plus size hosiery brand stocks a variety of styles perfect for the most romantic month of the year. To start, Timothy suggests retailers and customers peek at Glamory’s Couture20 thigh high (pictured above) that features a lace top and seductive back seam.

“We also have the Luxury20 with one of the color combinations that comes in a black nylon with a red lace top,” adds Timothy. “These are stockings so they require a garter belt be worn with them. Which is perfect for teasing your partner throughout the evening.”

Glamory Luxury20 Glamory Deluxe20

Above and from left: Luxury20 and Deluxe20.

Glamory also offers the Deluxe20 thigh high featuring a bi-color lace top of black and red giving the wearer a pop of color and sexiness. The Deluxe20 comes with the added bonus of it coordinating perfectly with a red bra and panty set.

Glamory Dune70

Above: Dune70, a darker, thicker tight that has an argyle pattern.

Tim notes that those are just three of the more romantic styles Glamory offers. The brand also sells stockings and thigh highs in a few colors and all with different styles of lace tops.

“If you’re not a fan of those [styles], we also have some great patterned tights,” said Timothy. “The Honey20 has a honeycomb pattern on it and the Dune70 is a darker, thicker tight that has an argyle pattern. The Amore20 are tights with a back seam.”

Glamory Honey20

Above: Glamory’s Honey20 features an attractive honeycomb pattern.

Merchandising Advice

With customers coming out of their holiday fog and exploring Valentine’s Day lingerie options, Timothy suggests retailers showcase Glamory Hosiery on a mannequin to give shoppers a visual of what it will look like coordinated with a corset, chemise or foundation set.

“Stockings and thigh highs are the finishing touch, they are what is needed to add that pop to the rest of the outfit. Let’s face it, wearing stockings or thigh highs are the sexy alternative to any leg wear. It is the top level so just wearing them brings the sexy and the romance level to the top.” says Timothy.

Glamory Amore Tights

Above: Amore20 tights feature a beautiful back seam.

Buyers concerned about ordering in time for Valentine’s Day needn’t says Tim as his distribution center is located in Arizona. Retailers that already carry the line in the U.S. include Forever Yours Lingerie, Spice Sensuality Boutique, Sophisticated Pair and Zoe and Company.

If you want a closer look at Glamory’s collection, the brand is showcasing at the International Lingerie Show at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas from April 4 – 6, 2016.

Wholesale Questions about Glamory Hosiery?

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Phone: (800) 452-0145

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