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Glamory offers 34 different styles (including the Luxury20 pictured above), 370 different SKU’s, and ten different color combinations.

“Together with designers in Italy, Glamory is constantly working on new products that give their wearers in everyday life and on special occasions, extra elegance.” Timothy Gettler, Glamory.

Timothy Gettler’s work with the plus size hosiery brand Glamory started after a long (and sometimes disappointing) search for legwear to fit his curvy, 6’2” wife.

“My wife has a 37” inseam, is tall and also has fuller thighs and wears a size 16/18. All the hosiery brands only measure up to someone that is 6 feet tall. Brands offer only a one size fits all/most or a queen size 1 and 2,“ explained Timothy.

Above: Glamory Hosiery Couture 20 are transparent, shiny, with backseam, wide lace top and offer an elastic, perfect fit with reinforced toe.

“When my wife would try on thigh highs or stockings they would only reach to just above her knees. Because of the isometrics of the hosiery, if you have wider calves and thighs they will be not reach up to the top third of a woman’s thigh and, if they do, they will roll.”

Luckily, he came across Glamory Hosiery – the only brand in America that will fit someone up to 6’8” and 360 lbs or a 44” inseam and 40” wide thigh and stay up.

“The first time she tried it on, she was amazed by the fit and quality as well as the selection,” he said.

Glamory Hosiery Comfort 20 in Black

Since 2005, Glamory has been producing hosiery in Germany with laces and yarns are sourced from suppliers in Italy and Portugal.

In fact, Glamory’s hosiery collection offers 34 different styles, 370 different SKU’s, and ten different color combinations. Seeing his wife’s joy and realizing that she couldn’t be the only woman searching for the perfect pair of plus size hosiery, Timothy decided to reach out to the brand.

“We had an eboutique that specialized in plus size lingerie. So I called Glamory and asked if there was a distributor that sold them wholesale in the US or if I could buy from them directly. After several conversations with the owners of Glamory, they asked if we would like to be the US distributor. Because we believed in the product that was all the encouragement that was needed. It really was a no brainer to transition to being the distributor.”

Above: Glamory also offers a selection of five different styles for Men as well.

Now Timothy is on a mission to let everyone know about Glamory and their collection. Tim says it’s important to note that Glamory’s production takes place in Germany, while laces and yarns are sourced from suppliers in Italy and Portugal according to the firm.

“Glamory thigh highs and stocking are very high quality. They last a long time and are very durable,” noted Tim, adding that the collection includes “thigh highs that won’t roll down, control tops in our pantyhose to smooth and cinch in bulges, and many styles specifically designed to energize and firm thighs.”

See Glamory Hosiery in person

Buyers concerned about shipping costs from Europe needn’t says Tim as his distribution center is located in Arizona. Retailers that already carry the line in the U.S. include Forever Yours Lingerie, Spice Sensuality Boutique, Sophisticated Pair and Zoe and Company.

Wholesale Questions about Glamory Hosiery?

Contact: Timothy Gettler
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (800) 452-0145

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