Global Pink Bra Toss 2018 Event Details

Global Pink Bra Toss 2018

In just a few days, bras will fly through the air all around the world at the Global Pink Bra Toss on May 13, 2018 to raise awareness for breast cancer prevention.

How the Pink Bra Toss Works

Global Pink Bra Toss 2018
The principle is simple. On Sunday May 13, 2018 post a photo of you tossing a bra in the air on social media with the tag #pinkbratoss.

This global initiative is organized by Pink Bra Bazaar, a charity dedicated to breast health education and supporting for women with breast cancer.

“With your help, we will fill the skies with bras and show our shared commitment to fighting breast cancer.” said the event’s founder, Kathryn Kemp-Griffin. “Please share this message to invite your friends, neighbors, colleagues, mothers, daughters, sisters, fathers, husbands, and sons to join the celebration. We need your support!”

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