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Goddess by Athena

“Goddess by Athena is more than just lingerie. It is a small resemblance of you and your most intimate form.” – Athena Sprouse, founder.

A few months ago, we were intrigued by Goddess by Athena, a new lingerie brand posting beautiful content on Instagram. Their designs and photography were all geared towards supporting the brand’s desire to promote self confidence and self empowerment.

We caught up with the brand’s founder, Athena Sprouse, to learn more about her collection in this intimate Q&A:

Goddess by Athena

Athena, could you tell our readers who may not be familiar with your brand, what Goddess by Athena is all about?

Goddess by Athena is all about self confidence and self empowerment. As women, it is important to prioritize ourselves and remember that it is okay to put herself first. Goddess by Athena is more than just lingerie. It is a small resemblance of you and your most intimate form. A small way to treat yourself and to remind yourself that through the day-to-day craziness, you are beautiful.

Goddess by Athena

What was the spark of inspiration that let you to create Goddess by Athena? Why lingerie?

Sometimes in life, it takes meeting a certain person to really inspire you and to light a fire inside of you greater than you have ever known. For the majority of my life, it was always a dream of mine to create lingerie. Through all of the other ideas and career options I came across, the one thing that always lit up a true passion for me was designing lingerie. That person for me is my current boyfriend. In a very blunt manner, he simply asked me “why not just do it?” From that point, Goddess by Athena was created.

I have always wanted to do lingerie because it is the beginning of your day when getting dressed. It’s the first outfit you see in the morning. You look sexy and put together from the start. It’s a major confidence booster knowing what’s underneath and only few, if any others will see it. It’s very delicate and feminine, bold and sexy all at the same time.

Goddess by Athena Sin Halter

Could you tell us a little bit about your design training?

I used to do the lingerie sketches all the time. I was never great at it at all, but with practice I suppose I got a little better. I attended Clary Sage College in the fashion design program in 2013 to 2014. While attending, I was able to learn how to sew, develop my pattern making skills, and a lot more general knowledge of the industry.

What’s the story behind the brand’s name?

Goddess by Athena is actually a name thought up by my boyfriend. To be honest, in the beginning, I hated it and I thought it was too cliche and cheesy. What I have learned though, is it’s very powerful and something I need to just embrace. I now love the name and I don’t think there could be a more perfect fit.

Goddess by Athena

How would you describe your brand’s aesthetic?

I would describe goddess by Athena aesthetic as classic with a trendy twist. Bold yet feminine, and sexy but classy.

Fitness seems to play a key part in your life. How does this influence your design work?

Fitness definitely plays a key role in my life, but that was not always the case. Just like most women, I used to and still struggle with body confidence issues. What I have learned more than ever through my fitness journey, however, is to love your body no matter what stage you may be in. I used to struggle to find any lingerie that would fit me and even if it did quote fit it never looked as flattering as I would like. I have learned that not all mediums fit a medium body the same way, as everyone’s body is different and unique. I strive to create pieces that are flattering on a wide variety of figures and sizes. Large breasts, small breasts, muscle and petite, booty or no booty, I promise you will find something to make you feel like your best self.

Goddess by Athena

Where do you look to for artistic inspiration?

My artistic inspiration comes from an array of sources. More times than not, the colors in the intricacy of a particular lace just Sparks all kinds of creativity in me. Some of my collections are inspired by a particular mood or even the weather.

Learn more about Goddess by Athena

Contact: connect@goddessintimates.com
Website: https://www.goddessintimates.com/

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