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Guerrilla Geisha Cherry Blossom Panties

Guerrilla Geisha creates fun, provocative, alluring lingerie and reaches out to those with unconventional, extravagant taste.” – Patrizia Grilli, founder.

Since founding Guerrilla Geisha in 2014, mum of two Patrizia Grilli has steadily been working on building a truly unique and mesmerizing style. She has delivered her debut collection based on her love of oriental design, flowers and colours, and plans to continue growing by expanding into producing full collections of panties, bras, suspender belts and an “underwear as outerwear section”.

Guerrilla Geisha Orchid Girl Panties

“This is lingerie for strong passionate women who get noticed and think outside the box.”

The brand signature style is represented by unique prints, vivid colours and cutting-edge designs, made for a gorgeous snug fit using high quality silks and satin.

Guerrilla Geisha

Much of the inspiration behind Guerrilla Geisha comes from oriental design and style, as well as burlesque and Pin-Up costumes. Combined with affiliations to tattoos and edgy punk rock, these different styles are all intrinsic to Guerrilla Geisha’s designs as they are incorporated to create an irreverent, eclectic, unique style. In short this is ”Lingerie with a Bite” for women of all ages from the irreverent tattoo artist herself, Italian-born, London-based independent designer Patrizia Grilli.

Guerrila Geisha Cherry Blossom Panties Guerrila Geisha Cherry Blossom Panties

Guerrila Geisha Tokyo Nights Panties Guerrila Geisha Tokyo Nights Panties

Top: Cherry Blossom Panties; Below: Tokyo Nights Panties.

Guerrilla Geisha presents the Oriental Dream collection, which comprises three different styles of panties. Cherry Blossom offers a classic brief in a unique print of Sakura flowers in bright refreshing colours, finished with 3 cute buttons at the front.

Guerrilla Geisha Orchid Girl Panies front Guerrila Geisha Orchid Girl Panties Side

Orchid Girl (pictured above), which also has a unique print of orchid flowers and a cheeky round opening at the back, and Tokyo Nights for those who love bold colours with a cutting edge, V-shape adjustable opening at the back. The collection features a gorgeous stretch satin fabric throughout, which is truly soft to the touch and extremely figure hugging.

The present collection can be viewed and bought directly from Guerrilla Geisha at

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