Guy’s Guide to Buying Lingerie for Valentine’s Day

NK iMODE SS17 Collection as featured in Guy's Guide to Buying Lingerie for Valentine’s

Guy’s Guide to Buying Lingerie for Valentine’s Day features styles from NK iMODE.

As I walk into the boutique, I immediately feel out of place. My senses are overwhelmed by satin, lace, music, and scents of jasmine and lavender.

Sizing in this boutique is incomprehensible – A, B, C, DD? 32, 36!?!?

Why isn’t there just Small, Medium or Large? I find myself staring wide-eyed at an imposing wall of bras.

I avoid eye contact with the staff until the owner, noticing my discomfort, walks by and asks, “How can I help you?”

I’m relieved and terrified.

“I’m looking for a gift for my girlfriend,” I say.

The owner beams asking, “That’s great! Do you know her sizes?”

It’s the one question I knew would be coming and I panic.

“Um, I don’t know,” I say backing away. “I should know, right? Ha! Well, I think I’ll come back.”

And I dash away empty handed.

Before I started working in the Lingerie world, this was my experience buying lingerie for that special someone in my life. And I’m sure that mine isn’t a unique experience. There are plenty of guys out there still intimidated by intimates.

And with Valentine’s Day only two weeks away, there’s a new crop of gentlemen sheepishly waiting outside of boutiques or hovering on a website wondering if lingerie really a good gift idea.

I’m here to tell you that it is!

With a few tips and suggestions from myself and the silk experts at NK iMODE, gift giving this Valentine’s Day is going to be a snap! So read on for this season’s Guy’s Guide to Buying Lingerie for Valentine’s:

Get Informed

First step in the Guy’s Guide to Buying Lingerie for Valentine’s Day: do some research and pay attention to what’s in your loved one’s wardrobe. Take a mental note about the types of foundations they tend to wear: fancy, functional, frilly? Mull over their fashion aesthetics.

Think about body shape too. This can sometimes help you find the perfect style. NK iMODE recently put together this guide to find the best lingerie for your body type.

NK iMODE Morgan Lace Spaghetti Chemise in Crystal Blue

If you have permission, look at hang tags to scope out sizing details and brand names.

Jot these details down and bring them with you while visiting boutiques or website. If the dresser drawers and closets are off limits, consider asking your partner’s best friend for the inside scoop.

“Waist and hip are important measurements when considering buying intimates because the style of the silk piece can have a affect on what size you select,” added NK iMODE’s Concierge Team.

Don’t worry if you don’t have every detail. These next steps will help you find the perfect intimate gift.

Be Proactive and make an Appointment

If you take the time to explain your situation to a boutique owner and schedule their expert help, you’ll make searching and purchasing lingerie a lot easier on yourself. Set up a time and bring your questions, ideas and all those measurements with you.

Shopping Online? Most e-boutiques have a help chat or shopping support emails. NK iMODE offers a valuable concierge service for shoppers. Customized help is a phone call or live chat away (during business hours 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST). The Concierge team is also available by email and social media.

“We believe that each of our customers are special and have different needs, and for that reason, we give them personalized help that caters to their inquiries. If it is concerning a gift for someone special, we will help them take everything into consideration – including size, style, and colour. For men, we have a “Men’s Guide to Lingerie” that offers helpful tips and points out what they should look for when purchasing lingerie. We also have a “Gift Giving” section on our website that narrows it down and displays Valentine Day silks.”

Consider the Lingerie Style

Still concerned about how a lingerie set will fit (or be received)? Then consider other styles that are easier to shop for.

“Pajamas, robes, and camisoles are excellent options when thinking of the classic fit. These styles are more of a loose fit that are flattering on all body shapes and have an elegant style that is sure to delight them,” said the NK iMODE Concierge team.

NK iMODE SS17 Collection Georgina Sheer Delight Kimono

Guy’s Guide to Buying Lingerie for Valentine’s Extra Tip:

A camisole is a piece that is timeless and can be paired with various bottoms. This versatile style can be worn with jeans and a bomber jacket to create the perfect on trend street look.


The majority of retailers (online and brick-and-mortar) offer gift wrapping. Take advantage! If gift wrapping is extra – pay for it! It’s worth it.

The Lingerie Journal team recently reviewed NK iMODE’s Opehlia gown and noted the beautiful packaging it came in. The brand wraps their garments in white tissue paper with a sticker placed at the center and set inside their signature magnetic black box which can be reused over and over again.

NK iMODE Gift Box

“We care about the entire shipping process from us to your doorstep and the look of joy when you open the package. We offer a choice of four stickers to personalize the gift and add that extra touch to let her know exactly what you think of her.”

Guy’s Guide to Buying Lingerie for Valentine’s Extra tip:

If you’re shopping online, keep an eye out for shipping deadlines before checking out. You want to make sure you order arrives in time for Valentine’s Day.

the Final Touch

“Before gifting, let that special someone know you picked out the gift especially for her and that you hope it makes her feel beautiful and confident. Couple it with something a little extra like flowers or chocolates to pair something sweet with something sexy.”

Learn More about NK iMODE

Email the NK iMODE Concierge Team for help this Valentine’s Day season!
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