Intimate Indulgences: HookedUp Shapewear and Miel Sisters Review

Intimate Indulgences: HookedUp Shapewear and Miel Sisters

by Melissa Cherniss

Let’s go ahead and admit the holidays are a stressful time of year. There is a lot of pressure to purchase gifts, attend parties, and eat food, lots of food. If you’re like me, you like to indulge in everything the holidays have to offer (especially the food part).

Sometimes it can be a struggle to be present in a conversation, enjoy the beauty of the surroundings and track the total consumption of eggnog. It’s just a little too much, if you ask me. As a woman, I tend to feel the additional pressure of fitting into dresses bought for special occasions, like parties, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.

Though I use shapewear throughout the year, I’ve been known to rely heavily on its magic during the holiday season. Not only does shapewear contour the body, but it also helps clothing fit better resulting in a more polished look. And if you look good, you feel good!

Because HookedUp Shapewear hooks to the bra you’ll be able to dance like a wild woman and not have to constantly tug it up like with other shapers.

Last night, I attended a black-tie holiday event and was expected to wear a gown. Due to my indulgences during the holiday season, and ultimately gaining a few extra pounds, I knew that shapewear would be an excellent solution for me to keep my confidence level at its highest.

I decided to try out HookedUp Shapewear for the first time. This shapewear design contains a brief control top that can “hook up” to any bra, in just a few simple steps. If there is any confusion whatsoever, their website provides high a detailed instructional video, which I personally found helpful.

Being a size six, possibly eight during this time of year, I still went with a size medium. Though it felt snug, it was not uncomfortable by any means. After putting on the brief, it gave the illusion of a smooth tummy. The elastic around the leg holes are comfortable and did not rise (no wedgies or visible lines y’all). There are also hooks placed on the gusset to allow a girl to use the bathroom without having to fully remove her outfit. Overall this product allowed me to receive the flat tummy and zip into my gown.

Sweet Resolutions

Miel garments have a plant-based antibacterial protection called Guardin™ built right into all their styles. Thanks to Guardin™, you can go from a yoga class to Sunday brunch without changing and you’ll still feel dry and clean.

When the holidays are all said and done, I get back into my daily routine of eating healthy and working out. Some of my personal goals for the New Year are to increase my upper body strength and meditate every morning. What better way to combine the two than with yoga? Though yoga is a low-intensity workout, it still requires most women to use a sports bra to minimize the bouncing movement of their boobs.

The Miel Sisters have created a cute and comfortable bra perfectly suitable for low-intensity sports. And who doesn’t like going to yoga class in a cute bra? Their Nana bra happens to be one of my new favorites.

Here is why: as you wash a sports bra, the quality of the elasticity will decline over time. As this occurs, the bra will stretch and become less supportive. But the hook and eye feature of the Nana bra allows the wearer to compensate for the stretching of the material over time. If you don’t like the hook and eye concept, they have a Racer Back style that is common among sports bras. The shoulder straps of this bra are adjustable, resulting in the perfect fit for all body types.

And did I mention their panties? Typically, I stay away from a brief bottom in fear of the product riding up and creating the worst wedgie known to woman. But I have to admit these Viki briefs are giving me life. The high cut leg hole is not only flattering to the body but also stops the panties from rising. The panties would work best with loosely fitted athletic pants. As for the Luna thong option, I can’t even tell I am wearing anything.

Both the panties and bra options come in an abundance of colors and a fun print too.

Sometimes the thought of cute lingerie gets lost in translation. It’s often forgotten even though it’s the first thing we put on when getting dressed and the last thing we take off. So why not wear something that makes you feel confident and look your absolute best?

Questions about HookedUp Shapewear and the Miel Sisters?

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