Hotmilk’s Goddess of Nature Collection

Hotmilk's Goddess of Nature Collection

“We were committed to setting a scene that allows mothers to embrace the power of motherhood” – Lisa Ebbing, brand director.

Hotmilk, the UK brand specialized in nursing and maternity bras, is showcasing the power of women and natural beauty on their latest collection: Goddess of Nature. The brand says this will be their greatest collection, having had incredible feedback from retailers so far and record sales so far.

According to Lisa Ebbing, director of Hotmilk, hundreds of natural faunas and grandeur suites were used to create a backdrop for the photoshoot, showcasing the beauty and complexity of the natural world. The collection shows that mothers are not only a force of nature but a strong, sensual goddess.

Three new styles are to be introduced to the collection:

Obsession, which is a new flexi-wired, spacer foam bra that is sized up to a J cup. Captivation, a wire-ree, low plunge, moulded bra complemented with a sophisticated black lace and details on the back. Temptation, the lace bra with sexy details and a racerback that aims to tempt every new mother.

The favorites Show Off and Forever Yours come in fashionable but staple colors, ensuring there are options for every goddess. The colors on the 2-17 collection have been inspired by majestic jewels, creating complex and beautiful hues that evoke the glittering side of any goddess.

Hotmilk's Goddess of Nature Collection

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