How the Lingerie Industry Will Integrate Bricks with Clicks

With every new year come new predictions about which technology will become the next big thing. In the lingerie industry, it’s especially important to pay attention to these trends and integrate them in order to better compete with online competitors and strengthen the connection between your in-store and online shopping experience.

Integrate Technology in Fitting Rooms to Find More Options

Marie Angelique Fitting Rooms

Above: Marie Angelique fitting room.

Fitting rooms are a prime opportunity for integrating the latest technology and improving your customers’ in-store shopping experience. One way that retailers are doing this is with smart mirrors. Smart mirrors have digital technology built right into them so that a quick touch or swipe can reveal recommendations to match the lingerie a customer is already trying on, display other color options or even request assistance from store staff to try another size.

If upgrading fitting room mirrors with smart mirrors is too much for your budget, you can mimic many of the same features by installing a tablet in each fitting room. With some simple programming, the tablets can be locked to only use your in-store app to get product recommendations based on customer preferences, request additional sizes or even find merchandise in another one of your stores if your store is out of an item in a particular color or size.

Add Virtual Reality Technology to Your Stores

French Theft Lingerie

Above: French Theft Lingerie.

Many retailers are finding success in experimenting with virtual reality to offer customers a more unique shopping experience while in the store. Major retailers like Tom’s, Lowe’s, Tommy Hilfiger and Kate Spade have all featured virtual reality integration in select stores in recent months, resulting in a novel customer experience that can boost word-of-mouth recommendations to shop at your stores.

You can integrate virtual reality technology into your lingerie shop by using technology powered by Oculus. With the ability to pair Gear VR by Samsung with some of the most-popular smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy S7, you can make the most of your reach by using this state-of-the-art technology. By investing in this technology, you can show your clientele that you value their experience in your store as well as their business, building long-term brand loyalty and increasing personal referrals to try your company’s lingerie.

Use In-store Mesh Beacons to Maximize Communication

Petticoat Fair

Above: Petticoat Fair.

The latest mesh beacons can be a real game-changer in brick-and-mortar lingerie shops. By using Bluetooth technology, mesh beacons allow you to connect with your customers and potential customers nearby without requiring them to pair their devices with in-store mesh beacons.

This creates a unique opportunity for you as a retailer to really make the most of communication with clientele. For instance, you can use this technology to send a passersby a special promotion to bring them into your store. Or you can use mesh beacons to communicate with customers who are already browsing in your store, as a complement to your sales staff’s assistance.

Provide Free Wi-Fi

While one of the benefits of the latest mesh beacons is that they do not require a Wi-Fi connection, providing complimentary Wi-Fi to your customers will be much-appreciated. Wi-Fi can help your customers communicate with your sales team about specific bra styles or other lingerie that they found on your website, so that your staff can help find those same items to try on in-store.

In-store Wi-Fi is also a major perk if a customer is shopping with an impatient companion, like a spouse wanting to catch the score of the big game or a child in need of some digital entertainment.

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