How To Hand Wash Stockings

Eucalan’s Kristin Omdahl recently posted a new tutorial demonstrating proper care for luxury hosiery using Eucalan’s new Wrapture and a pair of stockings from Vienne Milano.

The tutorial showcases how and why Wrapture’s night blooming jasmine scent is the perfect choice for stockings and gives viewers step-by-step instructions on how to care for their legwear. The same tips can be used to care for intimate apparel.

Wrapture is an all natural, no rinse delicate wash that can be used for delicate fibers like lace, lingerie, natural fibers, silk, swimwear, sweaters, shawls, and thigh highs like those showcased in the video.

VienneMilano Claudia

Above: VienneMilano Claudia style.

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