How to Increase Boutique Sales with Glamory Hosiery

Boutique owners, have you thought about hosiery lately? Timothy Gettler, owner of Glamory Hosiery feels that this product can be the key to getting your loyal bra shoppers into your store more frequently.

Consider this: the average bra lasts for about 6-9 months. “When we have spoken to boutique owners they have said their loyal customers visit 1 to 3 times per year and buy an average of 4 to 5 bras a year,” says Timothy.

Focusing only on those sales, and growing your base of loyal bra shoppers may be hurting your business.“Hosiery is the secret to selling more,” Timothy says. “Hosiery should be thought of as the anchor for the lingerie boutiques and here’s why. Women need to purchase hosiery more often than they need to purchase bras.”

Since even the best hosiery does not last forever, it can be a great tool for retailers to get loyal customers back in their stores closer to 4 to 6 times a year to purchase replacement hosiery.

Hosiery does not have the same lifespan as a bra,” he says. “Hosiery is not indestructible and generally does get replaces at least 12 times per year.” This will allow you to double the amount of visits that customers have to make to your store.

By the Numbers

Timothy shared a little math with us to illustrate exactly how Glamory Hosiery can improve sales for boutique owners.

If an average bra costs $70, and a customer buys two, she is spending $140 per visit. Adding in a $28 pair of Glamoury Hosiery increases that sale by 20 percent.

“When that customer returns six more times throughout the year to replace their hosiery you can introduce them to new bra styles, shapewear, lingerie soaps, panties and novelty romance items,”he adds.

By adding hosiery, and giving your customers an excuse to return to your store 6 to 9 times a year, Timothy calculates that you can increase you annual sale per customer to over $800, which is a 130 percent increase in sales. “For just ten customers, that’s a $5,490 increase per year,” Timothy adds.

Inclusive Offerings

So why is Glamory Hosiery the best product to offer your customers? Its size range goes up to dress size 32, which meets the needs of all your plus size customers. Plus, Glamory Hosiery isn’t sold in big box stores, so your customers will have to return to your store for their next pair.

“Our thigh high hold-ups come up to the top part of the thigh,” says Timothy. “They stay in place and won’t roll down. They also do not create the muffin top and constrict on the thigh like so many other brands will.”

Styles feature true galloon construction with a scalloped picot edge, silicone strips to stay in place and flat seam stitching. The brand also carries a variety of styles such as tights, stocking and knee-highs.

Hosiery Displays

If you currently carry hosiery be sure that you’re displaying it correctly to better catch the attention of shoppers who may not know you offer the product, or may not know they are looking for it. “Hosiery should be displayed on either alone on a leg form or a full mannequin,” says Timothy. “Further we also offer a sizing kit that is also a great way to show a completed look and to suggest the purchase of hosiery to complete a look or outfit. The sizing kit also help with showing the customer that the size they purchase will fit them how they would like to wear.”

The styles come packaged in a sealed poly bag so it’s not easy for customers to take out and examine before they purchase it. “We do have swatches available for free that is available for stores so that they can feel the different texture and denier,” says Timothy. Keep those swatches nearby when customers come in for new bras and lingerie styles and see how hosiery can start to work for your store.

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