How To Wash Avery Rose Silk Lingerie with Eucalan

“An added note, Eucalan works splendidly on embellished and beaded garments. The Swarovski crystal straps on my Avery Rose sparkled and shimmered even more than the day I got it.”

We’ve all rolled the dice of fashion fate and donned a pristine white garment before, praying to the fashion gods to let us make it through the day without spilling something on it. Your pre -labor day white pants goad that glass of red wine, daring the tiniest of drops to ruin your entire outfit. Or perhaps you’re bold enough to wear a crisp white blouse to an Italian restaurant, calling the tomato sauce to your bosom like a siren’s song. You somehow make it through dinner & drinks unscathed, return home, remove the pristine white top in one foul swoop over the head and… smudge make up. all. over. It. This was my personal hell after wearing my favorite Avery Rose white silk slip dress.

SILK?! How am I to get stains out of silk? In a panic I scour google, every site tells me to mix concoctions of vinegar and baking soda- I failed chemistry in high school and I’m really not feeling confident about going all “Breaking Bad” on my delicates. I sigh and resign myself to paying a hefty dry cleaning bill, but I’m nervous to let someone else handle the luxurious Swarovski crystal straps on my Avery Rose slip. The fashion gods were on my side that day though, I just received a sample package from Eucalan, an assortment of proclaimed “delicate washes”. I tear into the box with gusto, it came with a cute personalized note and sample washes wrapped in cheerful green tissue paper. I received three scents – lavender, eucalyptus, and “Wrapture”-which smelled like jasmine.

Eucalan’s website is full of useful information on how to clean just about everything under the sun. Since my Avery Rose slip is silk and has beaded embellishments, I followed the hand washing instructions. Now, Eucalan’s “hand wash” instructions are a bit different than I’m used to—you won’t be scrubbing on a washboard or needing to rinse suds out in the bathtub three times. I was a bit skeptical but gave the Eucalan method a try.

Washing Instructions for Silk

From Eucalan’s website:

1. Fill basin with tepid water (room temperature water, not hot and not cold)

2. Add Eucalan to basin.

3. Insert article to be washed and soak for 15 min. (minimum).

4. Squeeze article gently to incorporate water and soap through fibers.

5. No need to rinse.

6. Pull article out of water and gently squeeze out excess water. Do not twist or ring.

What?! No scrubbing, no blotting, no RINSING? It seemed like madness, but I selected the lavender wash and left my silk slip to soak for about 20 minutes. When I returned- holy mother of science- all of the makeup was sitting on the surface of the water! It was as if a magic laundry fairy had whisked it right off my silk garment. I wanted to rinse it out, but followed the Eucalan laundry lessons and resisted the urge. Now Eucalan’s site recommends drying silk in the traditional way- while still damp, iron it until dry. I’ve tried this before and let me tell you- it’s terrifying. You have to work very fast chasing away the damp spots so you don’t get water stains on your silk. Laundry hack—get the whole garment wet. Then squeeze out excess and let hang dry. It will all dry evenly if the whole garment is wet—no water stains and no iron!

My white silk dress dried to perfection and you’d never know it had an offending stain hours before. An added note, Eucalan works splendidly on embellished and beaded garments. The Swarovski crystal straps on my Avery Rose sparkled and shimmered even more than the day I got it. Honestly I might start using this stuff to clean my jewelry now. I’d highly recommend Eucalan delicate wash, the scents are lovely, the ingredients natural and didn’t irritate my sensitive skin. It really works—without rinsing or a chemistry degree!

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