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I often buy lingerie based on how pieces should be cared for. A care tag that says, “Hand wash separately” usually scares me off, but not always. I buy the things I like, and don’t think about how to wash them until they go in the hamper.

But I have to admit that, like many women, I’ve passed on intimates made with exotic textiles like wet-look fabric for fear of ruining them in the wash. Wet-look is generally a spandex/nylon blend with four-way stretch and a shiny appearance that gives the illusion of being wet.

Allure Cutaway Mesh Leggings

“It is a sexy fabric that molds to the body accentuating curves,” says Peline Kurtdarcan, Allure Lingerie’s Marketing Director. “It is comfortable to wear and is forgiving when you go up or down a size.”

Wet-look is often on everyone’s fashion bucket list and today, with a little help from Allure and Eucalan Lingerie Wash, I’m learning (and sharing) how to wash wet-look lingerie.

Putting Wet-Look to the Test

Allure packaging Eucalan bottles
Eucalan sent me samples of their best-selling washes and stain remover wipes so that I could test them out on a few of Allure’s wet-look styles:

The Eliza Teddy, a striped mesh teddy that features wet-look in the mid-section; the Sexy Wet-Look & Lace Romper, which features a crisscross back, halter front with wet-look strapping and stretch floral lace inserts and the Cutaway Mesh Leggings that are made from wet-look material and feature power mesh cutouts down the front.

The garment tags on each item described a blend of 10 percent elastane and 90 percent polyester. To my relief, I found this faux-leather fabric similar to bathing suit material. Now, with much of my washing anxiety gone, I got to work.

How to Wash Wet-Look Lingerie

To wash your wet-look lingerie styles all you need is 15 minutes and your bathroom sink. Here are our detailed wash instructions:

  1. Fill your sink with room temperature water.
  2. Add a teaspoon (capful) of Eucalan to the water, and swish it around to incorporate.
  3. Rub a little full strength Eucalan on any spots.
  4. Submerge the articles of clothing in the soapy water, and gently squeeze the water and Eucalan through the garments.
  5. Let garments sit for 15 minutes.
  6. Squeeze the garments again and rub gently on any tough stains.
  7. Remove the garments from the sink and roll items in a clean, dry towel to remove excess water.
  8. Lay items flat to dry.

Allure Eucalan lay flat

That’s it! Ladies and gentlemen, it really is that easy and stress-free. Eucalan is perfect for Allure’s collection and practically any piece of intimate apparel including hosiery, swimwear and activewear like sports bras. I don’t know about you, but thanks to this laundry lesson, I now feel free to shop to my heart’s desire!

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